‘The Bachelorette’ Trailer Questions Whether Dale Moss and Clare Crawley Met Before the Show

Am Bachelorette Bachelor Nation fans at the Season 16 premiere were wondering if Dale Moss and Clare Crawley met before the show. The couple had an instant connection on night one. Crawley even felt like she met her husband after Dale’s limo entry. Now, it looks like some competitors are starting to pick up on the polish. Then in the recent promo trailer for Am Bachelorette Week 3, a few cast members questioned whether Dale and Crawley knew each other before filming. So, this is what we know so far.

Week 3 promo trailer ‘The Bachelorette’ strains drama for Dale Moss and Clare Crawley

After Am Bachelorette The first look of season 16, the teasers left fans wondering if Dale was there for the “right reasons. ”Then when Entertainment tonight asked Crawley in front of her, the 39-year-old revealed that she “really” knew who Dale was. She also talked about what might have happened between Dale and the team.

“I’ve experienced before in the past where you’re not there for bromances, you’re not there for anything more than that,” Crawley said. “I know, for some, it can be tough. But the truth is, that’s the fun part – the bromances or the friendships. That inside is going to be separate from it. But in the end, you want to find love. ”

She continued, “How [Dale] and my face, that’s what matters to me. I’m sure there was a lot of stuff he shared with me – that a lot of people were talking to me – that he didn’t share with the other boys. ”

Whatever happens between Dale and Crawley as Am Bachelorette Season 16 continues, the lead still seems to support the character of her competitor. So what’s next? There will be plenty of drama to unravel in the next few weeks.

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