‘The Bachelorette’ Host Chris Harrison Revealed 1 New Thing Clare Crawley Did That Might Stick Around for Future Seasons

Chris Harrison returned as a guest Am Bachelorette Season 16 with star Clare Crawley on October 13, 2020, after months of postponement due to coronavirus pandemic. However, there were many different things, including a change of place, no world to travel, and a mandatory quarantine once the resort city arrived. One change made by the 39-year-old hairdresser may be holding around for the coming seasons.

'The Bachelorette' Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison
‘The Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison Craig Sjodin / ABC through Getty Images

‘The Bachelorette’ guest Chris Harrison explained how Clare Crawley’s season is different from any other

When Am Bachelorette Season 16 was first revealed on October 13, 2020, it was not like your usual opening night program. In addition to the trailer full of drama, the coronavirus changed dramatically as the show began. Chris Harrison started talking about all the warnings they had to take to start filming, and it was widespread.

Instead of the limos going up to The Bachelor’s premises, the boys had to quarantine at the resort for two weeks. The new location is the La Quinta Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California. It’s big enough for the team and the team and the necessary quarantine times.

Clare Crawley's 'The Bachelorette' with a 'bubble' competitor
Clare Crawley ‘The Bachelorette’ with 1 contestant who came in a ‘bubble’ | Craig Sjodin / ABC through Getty Images

However, the limos did not come in next. Instead, viewers watched a flashback to when Crawley discovered she was the new Bachelorette director. Then we saw the devastation she did on putting the whole process off in March. Fans also saw many of the men sitting around in their rooms while waiting for their COVID-19 test. It was far from a normal start. It took 20 minutes to get through the entire background leading up to the limos.

Chris Harrison said future leaders could check out their competitors beforehand as well

When the coronavirus stopped Crawley production in March 2020, its list of eligible competitors was already out. So she barely had a chance to google everyone she could meet before they met.

She was not allowed to speak to any of the men, but Harrison explained that the investigation may be prompted in the coming seasons, as well.

“[Clare] I confessed that she had begun to look through it and get an idea of ​​what these people stood for who they were, ”said Harrison Entertainment tonight. “[That’s] this is not a terrible idea, and perhaps that is something that will bring us into the future of this show. “

‘The Bachelorette’ explained the benefits of her boys’ Googling

“I picked up the men who were going to be in the season and took a lot of pounds,” admitted Crawley. Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel was not shocked that the Bachelorette was “spying” on its potential competitors. However, he wanted to know if that made her decide “Yes,” or “No,” about some of the men before meeting them.

“Certainly what I saw were red flags,” said the star.

She told Kimmel she doesn’t drink, so no one has seen her drinking on social media or doing “back-flips off of a boat” for her. So maybe these men aren’t like her husband. Crawley thinks she was drawn as much as Dale Moss before he met her because she knew from social media that he “submitted” much of what she was looking for.

Harrison seems to agree that letting the main Bachelor or Bachelorette do some research on their competitors before filming could lead to a more lasting love in the future.

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