‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown’s Ex, Jed Wyatt, Just Moved in With the Woman He Dated After the Show

While Clare Crawley gets her chance to find love right now Am Bachelorette, we cannot forget Hannah Brown ‘s disastrous season. Jed Wyatt went down on one knee for Brown, but it wasn’t long before the truth came out. Wyatt had a girlfriend at home just before he went on show and it seemed like he would only be using the show to further his musical career.

Now, Wyatt is with Ellen Decker, and they seem to be very serious about each other. According to their Instagram, they have moved in together.

‘Bachelorette’ star Jed Wyatt is completely in love with his girlfriend Ellen Decker

Wyatt quickly became the ugliest competitor ever Am Bachelorette after the end of Brown’s season. According to Brown, Wyatt told her he had a boyfriend before he came on show, but broke off. Then, she read an article in People magazine giving a completely different story. Eventually, Brown learned that Wyatt never broke his relationship with Haley Stevens. Instead, he went on the show and told Stevens he would get back to her when he was done.

Brown ended her engagement, and it gave her a lot to move on. As for Wyatt, he didn’t seem too upset about what had happened. And he is now in love with Ellen Decker.

Wyatt and Decker have been posting about each other to Instagram since late 2019. And it looks like others have Wyatt support Old boy stars, like Dylan Barbour and John Paul Jones.

Wyatt and Decker recently moved into each other

Jed Wyatt's 'Bachelorette' final at Good Morning America
Jed Wyatt’s ‘Bachelorette’ final at Good Morning America | Jackson Lee / GC Photos

Now that fans have spent months watching Wyatt post endless romance posts to Instagram about Decker, the pair seem to be moving in after less than a year of dating back.

“Excited to start this new chapter with you in our place and place,” Wyatt posted Instagram on September 6, 2020. “It may be filled with spicy margaritas, sweaty exercise clothes, and lots of souvenirs. Now we get Bo’s new chewing furniture! ”

“Dump photo because I love making a living with you,” Decker posted to her Instagram on September 4. “We’ve been so MIA last week finally moving everything into our own flat! Keep an eye out for photos. ”

It does not appear that any pictures of the apartment are up yet. But Decker and Wyatt seem to be busy decorating their place and making it their home.

Fans are still blaming Wyatt for what happened to Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt on 'The Bachelorette'
Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt on ‘The Bachelorette’ Mark Bourdillon through Getty Images

Although both Wyatt and Brown have moved on completely from what happened Am Bachelorette, fans can’t let it go. They accepted Wyatt’s views Post Instagram he added on Sept. 19 and Decker.

“She’s beautiful wth she’s with you for lol,” said one fan.

So Wyatt replied, “Do your girls know you’re a social media troll? ”

Back in January, Wyatt put up another picture off and Decker to celebrate 26 years. As a result, of course, enough backups were made.

“Girl RUN,” said a fan.

“Get a life,” Wyatt said back.

He doesn’t look like Wyatt through with all the haters yet – but they seem to be declining in his latest posts. It looks like he may have more support than ever as he continues through Decker’s life. We look forward to hearing more about Wyatt and Decker ‘s new location (and if they plan to tie the knot in the future).

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