‘The Bachelorette’: Ben Smith Confirmed He Did Cry After Tayshia Adams Broke His Heart

Multi-man for Tayshia Adams fell forward Am Bachelorette, but eventually chose Zac Clark. Before her final decision, Ben Smith was hoping to get another look at love. Adams was fired by Adams after failing to tell him his true feelings for her – but when he returned to confess his love, fans thought he had burned a compliment at the end.

On Smith and Adams’ visit, Smith admitted that he has not cried and has no recollection of crying as a recent memory. But when he was expelled a second time, he admitted that he finally lost tears. Here is what he said.

Ben Smith found out about the past when he spoke to Tayshia Adams on ‘The Bachelorette’

Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith on 'The Bachelorette'
Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith on ‘The Bachelorette’ Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Smith was less open and vulnerable than a few of the others Bachelorette competitors. But when he finally talked about his life with Adams, he talked about his previous mental health problems and eating disorders.

“I had two suicide attempts in 2018 and 2019,” Smith told Adams at a one-on-one date, Today reports. “I do not want to throw that at you. It is very strange to do here. “

Smith also noted that he had been dealing with bulimia for several years, and felt particularly horrible after leaving the Army and breaking his back. Fortunately, he was able to surround himself with friends and family who supported him, and he still goes to therapy to help him learn more about himself and deal with any conflict he is going through.

“By being very active and aggressive with my treatment, you are not the person you see before you today,” he said.

Smith admitted that he lost at least 1 tear when he was expelled

While Smith was open and honest with Adams, he was still less vulnerable in primary school. He had a hard time telling Adams he loved her – and he confessed too Bachelorette host Chris Harrison not shouting.

However, once Smith was knocked around a second time, he seemed to wipe his eyes – and fans wondered if he was finally crying. Smith spoke to Nick Viall about it The Viall files podcast about the moment, and admitted that at least one tear was slipping down his cheek.

“I get a lot of heat that I don’t cry, and then I cry at the end of the show,” Smith told Viall. “We will not deny or deny that there were tears in my eyes – I think there may have been one drop out of my left eye. However, it is a very difficult thing for me. I was just joking with Chris, that feeling, that thing, doesn’t happen to me. And at the end of the experience, I had this horrible feeling of what I think would be crying. I had to scrub a little. ”

Smith is ultimately happy for Adams

Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith on 'The Bachelorette'
Tayshia Adams and Ben Smith on ‘The Bachelorette’ Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Smith wanted to recommend it to Adams, but in the end he is okay with how things worked out, and he is very happy for Adams and Clark.

“I’m so happy for Tayshia, I’m so happy for Zac,” he told Viall. “Zac and I were close through the whole experience. You can see that they are happy together. The fact that they are still together is amazing. ”

“I’m like,‘ Holy cow, I came out of there with so much growth and so much experience, ’” Smith said. “I have a newer, better and more complete version of myself, so I’m very grateful and happy,”

So, let’s see Smith move on Bachelor in Paradise – or perhaps as the next direction of Am Bachelor? We’re sure Bachelor Nation wouldn’t mind.

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