‘The Bachelor’: Why Matt James Hopes His Season Isn’t the Most Dramatic Ever

Every year, Am Bachelor Voting is proud of the “most impressive” season. But the new bachelor, Matt James, hopes this is not true with his trip in 2021. This is why and how James feels about his experience now.

Season 25 star The Bachelor ’Matt James says he’s running from a drama

Matt James on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 Episode 2 in 2021
Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Now, some Bachelor Nation fans may remember James saying he was never in love. However, in the above interview with Access, the director explained himself.

“I had said those things, but the meaning to me has changed,” said James. “Finding out what it means to me now, sacrifice, respect, communication, all that goes into being loved by someone, I don’t feel how I felt that. … Love for me has changed. ”

Clearly, a lot has changed since James was elected Am Bachelorette Season 16. But whatever happens as Am Bachelor Season 25 follows, the new direction seems to be pleased with his experience.

“You’re going to see authenticity, you’re going to see someone who’s real,” James told the Hollywood Reporter about his visit. “And I’m very happy right now.”

Am Bachelor Monday night’s air season 25 on ABC.

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