‘The Bachelor’: Why Did Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Break Up? The Former Contestant Explains the Split on Instagram

By the beginning of 2021, Am Bachelor star Peter Weber announced his split with Kelley Flanagan on Instagram. The social media post surprised many fans, especially since the couple revealed plans to move to New York City together. So why did Weber and Flanagan break up? Flanagan’s latest Instagram post shared a little more detail about the split.

What happened to Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan from Season 24 ‘The Bachelor’?

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The love story of Weber and Flanagan began before it was filmed Am Bachelor Season 24. The two met together at a hotel for various events. They then reconnected to the ABC reality series. However, that relationship was not going to happen. In episode seven, Weber eliminated Flanagan in a three-on-one stint with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller.

Nevertheless, Weber and Flanagan found each other – again. A few weeks later Am Bachelor end in March 2020, the former reality stars were spotted together in Chicago. Naturally, there were rumors going around. However, they wished they were friends. Then in May, Weber and Flanagan confirmed their relationship.

A few months later, Weber and Flanagan updated fans on their romance in an interview with Entertainment tonight. Bachelor Nation alumni opened up about their plans for the future, including their big move to New York.

“I am thrilled to take this next step with Kell and move to New York and see what events await,” Weber said.

Peter Weber reveals his split with Kelley Flanagan on Instagram

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber premiere 'The Bachelor' Season 24 in 2020
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor / ABC through Getty Images

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Despite their joint future plans, Weber confirmed his separation from Flanagan in Instagram post published on December 31. The ex-boyfriend said he still had “special love” for him, thanking her for the time together. But he did not elaborate on it, noting that the relationship did not work out.

“I am here to share Kelley and I have decided to go our different paths,” Weber wrote on New Year’s Eve. “While our relationship was full of countless beautiful memories, our relationship didn’t work out in the end.”

He continued, “Kelley is someone I will always love. … Those times in my life always hurt, but I think that shows you that the time you spent together was worth it. Thank you Kelley. ”

At the same time, E! News reported that Weber was the one who broke up with Flanagan. “Eventually Peter was the one who ended up with Kelley, but she 100 percent agreed that they needed time apart,” a source told the publication. “They had been fighting a lot, and the movement was very heavy and they put a lot of pressure on them. ”

Kelley Flanagan explains her breakup with Peter Weber on Instagram

Kelley Flanagan on Peter Weber's latest story of 'The Bachelor' 2020
Kelley Flanagan on ‘The Bachelor’ John Fleenor tro Getty Images

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Three days after Weber posted on Instagram, Flanagan shared her own story about the breakup with Bachelor Nation.

“I know many of you have already heard the news, but I wanted to take some time to process it for myself before sharing,” Flanagan wrote. Instagram. “It’s hard for me to say this but Peter and I have decided to go our different ways. Peter and I had wonderful times together and will be missed. ”

Flanagan also explained why the separation had taken place, suggesting that she and Weber were on different paths. “Unfortunately he and I are in two different stages of our lives and we have seen our future paths in a different way,” she wrote.

But in the end, Flanagan’s Instagram post shared the same sentiment as Weber, as she wished her nothing but the best move forward. The former competitor revealed that she still has plans to eventually move to Big Apple.

“I wish Peter all the best and wish to thank everyone for your continued support as I move on to my next chapter,” wrote Flanagan. “I’m still hoping to go to New York one of those days, but for now I’m just aiming for my happiness! 2021, I can’t wait to see what you have! ”

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