‘The Bachelor’: Who is Matt James’ Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell and Why Does Her Family Say She Won the Season?

Am Bachelor Matt James met with Rachael Kirkconnell on 10 October 2020; however, fans didn’t see the moment their eyes met until January 4, 2020. All contestants are signing a contract that will not reveal any secrets to the shows until it is heard, so why do Kirkconnell’s relatives say she won?

“She was beautiful,” said James and Rachael walking away. “Wow.”

After giving a short speech with Rachael at the cocktail party, he adds to his opinion of her.

“She’s beautiful, talented and sexy,” he said later in the evening.

Who is Rachel Kirkconnell?

Both Rachael and James have never been in love and they both have a hard time being vulnerable. They start by being at least that in common. The 24-year-old graphic designer is a southern girl from Cumming, Georgia. She describes herself as a “hopeless romantic” ABC bio. Her three favorites include a good movie, good wine, and a charcuterie board.

“At the end of the day, love is what makes your life more special than others,” Rachael told the producers. “Life can be hard and difficult and dark at times, but if you have someone next to you who loves you more than they love themselves, it’s worth it in the end. ”

She loves to travel and show the places she visits on her Instagram account, including Saint John’s US Virgin Island. The contestant also shared photos with her friends in Florida, New York, California, Chicago, Louisiana, Las Vegas, North Carolina and Alabama.

Does Rachael win Matt James’ heart Am Bachelor Season 25?

according to Reality Steve, Michelle Young (who comes after the second rose concert) and Rachael make it to James’ last two. The spoiler King is often right about the winner of the season; however, he is skeptical about Rachael winning. Steve finds it strange that so many people from Cumming, Georgia, come forward and say that Rachael is winning the season.

“I’m only saying if she did [win], she, her family and friends are doing an awful job of keeping it a secret because the word is spreading around Cumming, GA, faster than you can shake a stick, ”Steve wrote.

With so many rumors that Rachael is winning, Steve is concerned that they are not true. However, it is possible that the winner could be so easy to work out.

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