‘The Bachelor’: What Podcasts to Listen to Ahead of Tonight’s Premiere

Keeping up with Am Bachelor and the nearby licensed shows can be a lot to stay on top of fans. Fortunately, to go along with the steady stream of juicy content provided by the official shows, many of the previous contestants have started their own podcasts to consider it all. Bachelor Nation.

Rachel Lindsay Becca Kufrin
Rachel Lindsay, Becca Kufrin, and JoJo Fletcher from ‘The Bachelorette’ | John Fleenor tro Getty Images

In addition to their previously interesting podcasts to chat about the show, a number of media professionals and people have taken part in the sport.

Read on for the best Old boy podcasts to listen to – and there ‘s definitely plenty to watch throughout your day ahead of the premiere of the Jan show. 4.

Podcasts from contestants

  • “Bachelor Happy Hour”: This official podcast courtesy of a former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin always lead the earliest interviews with contestants and also a bit of an internal scoop on the show itself. Over the summer, during the Black Lives Matter protests, the guests did not move away from the sensitive topic, and instead discussed racism and how it transcends the show itself. This podcast is definitely a real listen for the show’s viewers.
  • “The Viall files”: Three time Old boy Nick Viall, a partner in the show, will host this podcast, which is a mix of both show recapitulation and chat about non – show related topics such as date, religion, and interviews with other celebrities.
  • “Mouthing Off by Olivia Caridi”: Formerly a franchisee, Olivia offers her audience a unique perspective. She usually hosts people who have received “villain editing” on a real television show and offers them a platform to explain their show decisions and allow viewers to see that person as more than just their sometimes biased television edition.

Podcasts from those on the fringes of Bachelor Nation

  • “Here to make friends”: HuffPost editors Emma Gray and Claire Fallon host this podcast Am Bachelor through a female lens. The two will not hide from difficult subjects such as allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual hatred within the show. They often host contestants for interviews as well as fellow celebrity guests such as Allison Williams.
  • “2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: Bachelor Podcast”: Justine and Natasha’s podcast is different from others in this area because their podcast is the only one that has two People of Color as their co-guests. They have had guests such as Rachel Lindsay, “Venmo John,” and Bibiana Julian before. Their podcast hook is: “Where two black girls * attack the whitest show on Earth….Am Bachelor! ”Justine and Natasha have too Patreon for subscribing audiences for additional content.
  • “Bachelor’s Party”: The Ringer’s Juliet Litman will be hosting this podcast and it is probably the snarkiest podcast of the original. Juliet never shifts from telling her audience how she really feels about competitors, and she always has clear choices (Ben Higgins and Tyler Cameron). Her vision, despite having a clear connection to those within the franchise, is one of fans, which is definitely passed back to her audience.
  • “Reality Steve Podcast”: Love it or hate it, Steve Carbone – “Reality Steve” – is a Bachelor Nation mainstay. His career involves “spoiling” the show with suggestions from anonymous inside sources, which leads to a similarly fragile relationship to the show itself – yes ABC has been charged before. Steve hosts fellow contestants, most of whom he has written about, in long podcast titles that are perfect for a long work trip.

A special cry

  • “We Talk About It With Taylor Nolan”: Contestant and sex therapist Taylor Nolan discusses intimate topics such as ethical porn, fat phobia, and mental health.
  • “The Betchelor”: Kay Brown and Chris Burns from Betches Media talk about everything Am Bachelor in the usual Betches voice. Pro-contestant Derek Peth used to host the podcast with Brown.

Mar Am Bachelor continues to grow as a cultural behemoth, the number of podcasts covering is sure to grow only an increase. Old contestants are likely to add to the large list of existing podcasts. But more content means more drama and fun – so basically Bachelor Nation keeps winning.

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