‘The Bachelor’: What Is ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson’s Real Job?

Sometimes you don’t get to know what the competitors are Am Bachelor make for a living on display. That’s the case for Victoria Larson who is competing for Matt James ’last rose. Her work is listed as “queen” but she has a real work.

‘The Bachelor’ celebrated Victoria Larson’s work as queen

Queen Victoria Larson The Bachelor
Matt James and Victoria Larson on ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Victoria made a big splash on season 25 of Am Bachelor. Four men carry him to meet James. She was also in a silver gown and crown to match.

“I’m Victoria as the queen,” she told the reality star. “And I am looking for a king with a good heart. So I heard that that was you, King Matt. She then put a red crown on his head.

“I know I’m so confident and fun. And I know I came up with a great idea so I just want to put my best foot forward, ”she said. Victoria was on her way into the mansion because of her nerves.

She later stopped Kit Keenan to have time with James. Kit wasn’t happy about that. Victoria also pushed another woman to speak to the reality star, but she refused. She then asked for even more time with him before other women spoke to him.

While some of the ladies and fans weren’t happy with Victoria’s approach, she got a rose at the end of the night. Fans couldn’t learn much about the contestant as her work was dubbed the “queen”.

She has a sprayer tan business

Victoria has her own business called Jet Set Glo. The biology of the industry on Instagram reads “proven spray thinning, health coaching, pilates and all things beauty for body mind and soul.”

She has also worked as a flight attendant for private jets. Victoria has a website called VIKKI LARSON BEAUTY where people can buy cosmetic products like body scrubs. She also works as a health coach and offers several plans.

The delegates thought that being her queen was her main vision

Victoria was almost the first contestant to receive a disgraceful work title on the show. Weekly entertainment spoke to representatives from Am Bachelor on how to make the job titles more creative.

“[In those cases] who are less defined by [how] they make a living and more with some other key indicators, ”explained a representative. “Haley and Emily [Ferguson], the twin from Ben [Higgins]season, a good example. They worked in a club as bottle waiters / cocktail waiters, and while this is a job that people can easily digest, he didn’t seem to recognize them. “

Guest Chris Harrison was thrilled to comment on the job title Victoria was awarded before the start of the season. “Well, of course, I think a lot of people were talking about the queen, Queen Victoria… Look, she’ll make a sign,” he said. Plus. “Will people love her? We’ll see. ”

Some fans have turned against her. But only time will tell if she will win over James.

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