‘The Bachelor’: What Is Matt James’ Job? Here’s What the Lead Does For Living Now

Am Bachelor Season 25 star Matt James may be new to the franchise, but the lead is much more than what fans see on Instagram – and all of his working titles prove it. So what does James do for a living? The next boy has made a few career shifts in the last few years.

Who is Matt James from Season 25 of ‘The Bachelor’?

Matt James from 'The Bachelor' 2021
Matt James from ‘The Bachelor’ 2021 | Billy Kidd tro Getty Images

James moved positions a few times before landing Am Bachelor Season 25 career. After pursuing football, the 29-year-old moved on and worked as a banking analyst for PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then in 2017, James moved to New York City and started his business work with CBRE, a commercial real estate company based in Manhattan.

Now, James is not only a real estate broker with CBRE and the next blockchain, but also an entrepreneur and founder of a community group. In 2018, James founded ABC Food Tours, a local non-profit organization and counseling program that helps educate children in deprived communities about living healthier lives through food and fitness. He currently runs the group with Cameron.

“We just felt like we needed to do something to close that gap so that they don’t lose knowledge of what should be a secret,” said James. CBS News in November 2019.

Am Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James on Monday nights on ABC.

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