‘The Bachelor’: What Happened to Sarah Trott at the Rose Ceremony?

Matt James well on his way to finding love for him Am Bachelor. Although it’s only week two, it’s clear that James already has some options, and that some women could be producers for staying and maintaining the drama. This week, contestant Sarah Trott was shining brightly among the other women. She had a date and had a real connection with James but at the rose party, she almost went out. So what happened to Trott?

Sarah Trott and Matt James
Sarah Trott and Matt James Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Sarah Trott and Matt James connect

Early in the program, Trott made it clear that she didn’t open up easily and was going to give her some time to let James in. When she was given one-on-one, she was embarrassed about how it was going to go. During the first part of the date when James asked about her family, Trott answered it but it was clear she was avoiding talking about something.

“I could tell Sarah was struggling with something,” said James. “It’s a slow start, but I need to keep it open and vulnerable. ”

In Trott’s intro package at the start of the season, she revealed that her father has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). When she found out about the disease, she left her job in broadcast journalism to take care of it.

“I’m so thankful I have a rose because Victoria spoils the night,” Trott said in her confession. She also said the whole thing made her feel terrible.

Later, as the rose feast was going on, Trott’s eyes began to flow and she looked a little woozy. Things got worse when she fell close to the stage holding all the women. She was then taken to the back of a sofa where James ran to see what was wrong.

“I see stars,” she said as the drug checked. “I’m deleting. I can’t see. ”

As Trott said she was getting over earlier in the program, this may have been what made her condition. However, we will not know the exact answers until next week.

Am Bachelor air on Monday at 8pm ET on ABC.

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