‘The Bachelor’: Was Matt James’ Ex-Girlfriend Hoping for a Second Chance By Coming on the Show or Will She Bring More Drama?

New season of Am Bachelor started on January 4, 2021, with Matt James as the new leader. The 28-year-old real estate broker met 32 ​​single women on the first night. Later in the first look of the season, James sent home eight contestants; however Am Bachelor plans to bring in five new women. James was probably one of the new single women.

Season 25 'The Bachelor' directed by Matt James
Season 25 The Bachelor ‘directed by Matt James | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

The ‘Bachelor’ franchise has a history of bringing exes to the show

While it was strange to see one of James’ girls on the season’s list of competitors, it’s nothing new for him. Am Bachelor franchise. The producers have a long history of bringing exes to the show to create more drama.

On season 24 of Am Bachelor with Peter Weber, the first two programs revolved around his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Brown. Later in the season, producers Weber and Victoria Fuller set a strange date to watch their girlfriend, Chase Rice, perform.

During season 22, Becca Kufrin ‘s ex – girlfriend, Ross, expresses hopes that she will win back and possibly recommend. She gets rid of it very quickly, like her friend Rachel Lindsay, when the producers blinded her with an ex appearance in season 13. During season 20, ex-boyfriend JoJo Fletcher left her flowers and a long letter at the city. The list goes on, unfortunately, so James may be appearing on his season.

Who in ‘The Bachelor’ was Matt James’ girlfriend?

Madison Nelson dated James for a few months in the summer of 2019. The pair went to a fashion show in New York together, around the same time as Tyler Cameron dated as a Gigi Head model. Seann Bachelorette the rival, Cameron, is James’ best friend.

According to her LinkedIn image, Madison works in the New York Metropolitan area for IBM but is originally from Granger, Indiana. She is the Executive Director of Communications and has volunteer experience working as a mentor for students and children. The 27-year-old could have met James through his non-profit organization, ABC Food Tours. The organization he started is helping children from deprived communities by providing them with unique opportunities throughout the city. They are involved in volunteering to help children in need.

Reality Steve Carbone revealed that the relationship between the two was “something bad.” However, it is not known whether he broke things with her or whether she ended the relationship.

Is Matt James’ ex-girlfriend coming up with ‘The Bachelor’?

According to Reality Steve, five more women will enter the competition for James ’heart after the second rose show. They were part of the original list of 43 women released. However, the franchise seems to be coming together late to shake things up.

Initially, Carbone thought Nelson was one of five who came into the late season. However, he recently corrected his prediction, adding that the producers chose not to throw Nelson because she dated James.

If we know Am Bachelor licensing history at all, one thing is certain; they are keen to bring exes on display for additional drama. We might see her on the show at some point, thinking she was on the original list, and adding an ex to the mix would definitely shake things up. Since Nelson signed up to be a contestant on the show, it looks like she would still be interested in a relationship with James. But if the producers are on the way, she will also bring the drama.

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