‘The Bachelor’: This Is What Matt James Is Looking for in a Partner

Another season of Am Bachelor we have to. Last night, Matt James met with the argument that women should be there Old boy history. But just because there were more types of women available than usual, does not mean that any of them may have been James’ type. So what is the latest Bachelor looking for in a companion?

Matt James and Victoria
Matt James and Victoria Larson Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Matt James worries about disturbing people on ‘The Bachelor’

Last night, before meeting the women who would be waiting for his heart, James pulled host Chris Harrison to one side for some advice. He raised concerns about being biracial and not wanting to upset the white community or the Black community.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, he further discussed the pressure he felt to please everyone.

“It’s a real thing,” he said. “I would lie if I did [I said] it was something I wasn’t terribly crazy about. Because, again, being a people pleaser, I try to make everyone happy.

“The more comfortable I became without worrying about making everyone happy, the easier it was for me to enjoy and focus on the company of these women. what I’m looking for in a person, ”he said. “For me, that was represented through all the women who were there. What I find is not specific in a particular race. It can be anyone. ”

Although religion does not treat James, he understands that it may be for some women.

“We are both trying to figure out each other. If that is a disappointment for them, then I wish they knew about me so I don’t waste their time. ”

Of course, James has no breakers.

“There was nothing disappointing,” he told the shop. “It’s just important to know where each other stands so we can talk about it. If there is no conversation there is no solution. You can’t expect someone to understand something untrained or talked about. ”

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