‘The Bachelor’: This Contestant on Matt James’ Season Has a Famous Parent

Several throwing members for season 25 of Am Bachelor, which stands out. One of them is the daughter of a famous fashion designer. Her bio also stresses that she seems to have a strong personality as she tries to find love with Matt James.

Kit Keenan is a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ for Matt James

Matt James on 'The Bachelor'
Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Kit has previously interviewed Vanity Fair about her life when she was 17 years old. She noticed that she released a short film with her mother about surfing in heels. She also talked about enjoying time with her parents because she lives at home.

“While I’m still living at home, it’s great to enjoy myself, to be able to hang out with my parents as much as I can before I go out and have my own life, ”she said. Fans will soon see how far Kit will make it this season, which will air for January 4 on ABC.

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