‘The Bachelor’: Some Fans Are Disappointed in Matt James’ Rumored Politics

Fans of Am Bachelor a lot to learn about their new star. That’s because Matt James hasn’t been in a season of Am Bachelorette. There are rumors about his politics that people are already disappointed.

Rachel Lindsay called for more diversity on ‘The Bachelor’

Some fans who were excited to see more diversity on the show are now finding out that the news is bittersweet. That’s because a screenshot goes around saying he’s registered as a Republican in New York.

“Matt James is a Republican. There is a link to the main sub about it. 🙁 How do you feel about this? I don’t expect him to be a tough Democrat by any means, but a republican? Seriously? Bachelor representatives know what they are doing, ”he said. Reddit user write.

Another user in the thread also spoke about his mother, Social media Patty James. “Matts’ mother follows so many people in the lame country of Clay, Nick, Clare, Hannah Ann but she doesn’t follow Rachel the only other black lead. She also follows Donald Trump !! ”Said the user. At the time of writing she is following these people. However, she follows Tayshia Adams, who became the second Black lead.

“Wowww you can’t tell me ABC didn’t know what they were doing when they set foot as the bachelor. Even if he does not support Trump how can he support a party that wants to dismantle small groups. This is so difficult, throw it away all season, ”wrote another user in the thread.

He expressed some of his views in the first program

The first program of Am Bachelor aired and James expressed some of his views. He sat down with Chris Harrison to talk about what others were expecting for this season.

“People want you to end up with a certain kind of person and I get that,” he told the host. “So my mother is white and my father is Black and I got to know what it was like to be the result of an interracial marriage. And it’s sad because you have people who have specific ideas. Old school scenes of what love is like. And you have people who rejoice in you to find love. And then you have people who make you happy until you finish someone special of a particular race. ”

He said he did not want to “piss off” blacks or whites. But he said he believes it was “those two”. James also made it known that faith is important to him as he asked the team to pray with him for his first toast.

Time will tell whether politics will be covered this season. Tayshia Adams previously spoke on Black Lives Matter with a contestant on her season of Am Bachelorette so it has been done recently. James has yet to address the rumor of his political record.

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