‘The Bachelor’: Matt James Reveals Why He Gave Abigail the First Impression Rose

The royal battle, also known as Am Bachelor, has begun. Although we’ve only seen one night of Matt James ’season, it’s clear that some of the women are already ready for anything it will take to win his heart. As always, one woman came out on the first night and got her first rose sight. This is why James gave the rose to Abigail Heringer.

Matt James and Abigail
Matt James and Abigail Heringer Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Who is Abigail Heringer?

With so many women competing for James ’heart, not all of them get introductory packs, but Heringer did. In her bundle, the viewer learned that she was born with a loss of sexual hearing and that she has a cochlear implant.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her sister and was fired as a finance manager before moving on. Am Bachelor. She was embarrassed about sharing her hearing loss with James, but she went ahead and told him about it as soon as she got out of the limo. James promised to put in his words so she could read his lips better.

Matt James and Abigail Heringer’s interaction on night 1 of ‘The Bachelor’

Once inside the new Old boy digs, Heringer and James spoke again.

“I didn’t expect to be so anxious, to be honest,” she told James. “I feel like for the last few months I’ve been hearing,‘ Matt, Matt Matt! ‘I was like…. It’s God or something! ”

The two talked about how Heringer’s older sister was born with the same theme and the kind of way for Heringer to be more open about her hearing problems.

“To be honest with you, once I heard your name…. I went, as it were, empty, ”James told her, admitting he hadn’t heard much else she had said. “I tried, but you were beautiful and it was hard to focus on anything else! ”

Heringer was the first girl kissed by James whom he quietly kissed.

“I was getting stressed out about my time with Matt, but he’s so easy to talk to and he took it to another level,” she told the cameras. “I like it. I’m so giddy about it.”

Why did Matt give the rose to Abigail?

There are many reasons why one might first notice. Leaders in the past are given to the one who made them so comfortable or the one who was excited to gain experience. In James’ case, it was a bit of both.

“It was so real and real,” said James HollywoodLife. “Everything I ask of the women in this experience, she did without motivation. She was open about being deaf, about deaf family members, about her experience, about what to expect from her. It was just flowing out of her and we were just shaking. It just felt real. It felt comfortable, and in an uncomfortable situation, that kind of feeling with someone just made sense. I wanted her to know that this was how I felt about her and the best way to do that was to give her the rose. ”

Am Bachelor air on Monday at 8pm EST.

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