‘The Bachelor’: Matt James Explains Why He’s Crying in the Season 25 Promo Trailer

Am Bachelor The Season 25 promo trailer just established Matt James ’journey as one of the most exciting yet. The preview shows the new lead breaking down in tears with guest Chris Harrison beside him. So why is James crying Am Bachelor trailer? The 29-year-old revealed what is going on in the scene.

Matt James gets emotional in Season 25 trailer ‘The Bachelor’

Then in an interview with Entertainment tonight, James revealed what subjects he had previously set down.

“There are things in my personal life that I try to avoid, that are uncomfortable conversations about your family, conversations about your feelings,” said James. “Just as a man, that has been very difficult for me. So when you have to deal with those things that have held you back in past relationships, that kind of feeling comes out. I had to deal with it, and that kind of feeling came out. ”

But whatever the outcome of the conversations, James seems grateful for his part Old boy experience.

“It really broke me,” said James Am Bachelor. “I had a lot of conversations, which I had to have, that I hadn’t had, and that I didn’t plan to have. But that’s where this experience caught me, and I’m so lucky that I grew up as a man. ”

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