‘The Bachelor’: Does Matt James’ Ex-Girlfriend Show Up in Week 3?

On January 4, 2021, Matt James ’journey forward Am Bachelor started; however, fans want to see if his ex-girlfriend comes into the show. Prior to the season, there were rumors that 28-year-old ex-girlfriend Madison Nelson would be competing on the show. However, she did not get out of the limo on the first night. Will she appear in week 3 of the series?

'The Bachelor' will lead Matt James with his rivals on night 1
‘The Bachelor’ directed Matt James with his competitors on night 1 | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Who in ‘The Bachelor’ is Matt James’ girlfriend, Madison Nelson?

Madison Nelson dated Matt James for a few months in the summer of 2019. The pair went to a fashion show in New York together, when their best friend, Tyler Cameron, introduced model Gigi Hidad.

According to her LinkedIn image, Madison works in the New York Metropolitan area for IBM, but was originally from Granger, Indiana. She is the Executive Director of Communications and has volunteer experience working as a mentor for students and children. The 27-year-old could have met James through his non-profit organization, ABC Food Tours. The organization he started is helping children from deprived communities by providing them with unique opportunities throughout the city. They are involved in volunteering to help children in need.

Reality Steve Carbone revealed that the relationship between the two was “something bad.” However, it is not known who ended the relationship or why it ended so quickly. The couple only dated for a few months.

Matt James wins 5 new competitors on Week 3 ‘The Bachelor’

according to Carbon, five more women came together Am Bachelor to compete for James ’heart after the second rose party. That would coincide with week 3 of the season. The contestants were part of the original list of 43 women. However, they did not get out of the limo on the first night.

Brittany Galvin, Catalina Morales, Kim Li, Michelle Young, and Ryan Clator are the five women to enter the season, according to the spoiled King. They had already shaken up the other competitors’ ties and added more drama.

Will James’ ex-girlfriend join the show in week 3?

Initially, Carbone thought James ’ex-girlfriend Nelson was one of the five who came into the late season. However, he recently corrected his prediction, adding that the producers chose not to throw Nelson because she dated James.

“I initially thought Madison Nelson was one of the five but I was told she is not,” Carbone said. “[I] it was actually told when they found out she was HAD with the Matt date last summer, they decided not to take it forward. ”

However, the spoiler King is not always right, so she could return. Am Bachelor Producers like to take exes on display to the blind side of the contestant or the lead. We might see her on the show at some point, thinking she was on the original list, and adding an ex to the mix would definitely shake things up. However, Carbone does not believe she will arrive in week 3 with the other five additional competitors.

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