‘The Andy Griffith Show’: This Actor Played A Slow-Witted Character on the Comedy – And Had a Biology Degree in Real Life

Andrew Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor
Andrew Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor CBS through Getty Images

It’s hard to believe, but it has one of the lowest characters Andy Griffith Exhibition he was really understanding in real life.

In fact, this actor had a particularly scientific mindset that was on display for several years.

Jim Nabors played Gomer Pyle

Jim Nabors, center, on the set of 'Andy Griffith Show'
Jim Nabors, center, on the set of the ‘CB Griffith Exhibition’ CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Andy Griffith had discovered Nabors ’incredible talent one night 1963 at a nightclub where future actor Gomer Pyle was performing.

Daniel de Visé wrote in 2015’s Andrew and Don: Making Friendship and a Classic American TV Show that Griffith saw Nabors’ performance as electronic. ”

Nabors sang operatic arias and then in the next breath they adopted a Gomer Pyle-like accent character. Griffith was quick to tell him he wanted it on his show.

“After that, Andrew caught Jim on the pavement outside,” said de Visé. “I don’t know what to do, but it’s magical, whatever it is. If a part ever comes up on our show, I’ll let you know. ‘”

George Lindsey played Gomer Goober’s cousin

George Lindsey and Andy Griffith
George Lindsey and Andy Griffith CBS through Getty Images

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Before long, a part came in that was perfect for Nabors, “an unassuming gas station attendant by the name of Gomer Pyle.”

Representatives of the show initially had considered Lindsey (who ended up playing Goober Pyle, Gomer ‘s cousin) for the part. Griffith asked them to wait to meet Nabors first.

Producer Aaron Ruben recalled that Nabors was happy with it, according to de Visé. “So come Jim Nabors,” he said. “He has a script, he reads, and what he needed in professionalism and experience he made up for his naive charm. ”

Lindsey was not too happy about this move in throwing. During the same program of Anndra Griffith that the two actors appeared together, de Visé said Lindsey was still making an experience out of being rejected. He was not happy that he had been given a less attractive place.

“George had won the Gomer part in the first place, just to lose it to Jim,” he wrote. “One year later, George had not forgiven him. “Jim and I didn’t have much off-camera interaction when that show was recorded,” George recalled.

Lindsey was a special student in real life

George Lindsey and Andy Griffith in 2004
George Lindsey and Andy Griffith in 2004 | SGranitz / WireImage

As it turned out, Goober was a smart nut. The former science teacher, who died in 2012, had degrees in biology and physical education from the University of North Alabama, he said. Post Huffington in 2010.

Just like recalling his college career, Lindsey said, “Well, if you study, you don’t have to be nimble to finish college.

“That was one thing in my life I was going to do, I was going to play first-string college football. I was going to get a college degree and I was going to become a movie star. I didn’t do the third one at all, ”he said.

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