‘The Andy Griffith Show’: The 2 Series Regulars Who Went On to Have Their Own Shows

Andy Griffith Exhibition there was a crackerjack ensemble team that made the town of Mayberry look so real, audiences wanted to visit and stay.

While all the actors involved in the comedy brought their unparalleled talent to their roles, only two of the show ‘s cast members advanced to the front of their respective series.

Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, and Frances Bavier from 'The Andy Griffith Show'
Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, and Frances Bavier from ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ CBS through Getty Images

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ premiered in 1960

Debating in 1960, the classic comedy remained on the air until 1968. With Andy Griffith as sheriff of the Mayberry city, the series continued to thrive.

Author Richard Kelly considered the series’ success despite not running very romantic cars or scenes in his 1981 book, Andy Griffith Exhibition. “Conversions Andy Griffith Exhibition, which began in 1964, is still one of the largest day shows in the country, ”he wrote.

“It is amazing to think that a genderless and non-violent series has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of viewers. ”

Andy Griffith left his own exhibition in 1968

In his eighth season in 1968, Griffith had held down the show’s fort without Don Knotts for three years and made the most of the show that could be done, as he told the show. American Television Archive in 1998.

“[Barney Fife actor Don Knotts] away, and the show had gone black and white in color, ”said Griffith. “And it was growing as a regular setting comedy. And I was scared I wasn’t holding up my last off anymore. Also, I wanted to try my wings outdoors. ”

Griffith’s longtime manager Richard Linke told the author of the book Kelly, “Andrew had got to the point where he was physically and mentally exhausted and felt he could no longer add to the character,” he said. e.

Don Knotts and Jim Nabors had their own performances after ‘Andy Griffith’

In 1965, Don Knotts left the Griffith show, he said, because the star of the show had always told him he was finishing the show after five seasons. He did not finish the show but by that time Knotts was a huge success and there was a huge demand for special films. Knotts then signed a five-film contract with Universal Studios.

Five years after his departure, he hosted his own prime-time mix show, Don Knotts Show on NBC. The program failed with his rankings and was canceled at the end of his first season.

The other Andy Griffith Exhibition Jim Nabors was in front of their own show, and that was it Gomer Pyle, USMC on CBS.

Nabors only stayed from 1962 to 1964 onwards Andy Griffith Exhibition because of the great attraction he made. Griffith knew that if the talented Nabors didn’t get his own show, he might be caught by another network, as he said in his interview.

“I went inside [executive producer Aaron Ruben’s] office and I said, ‘Aaron, we’d better do something for Jim Nabors. Because he’s about to go out and someone is going if we don’t, “said Griffith.

Jim Nabors, nice, as Gomer Pyle with Frank Sutton as Sgt.  Carter on 'Gomer Pyle.  USMC '
Jim Nabors, nice, as Gomer Pyle with Frank Sutton as Sgt. Carter on ‘Gomer Pyle. USMC ‘| CBS through Getty Images

Gomer Pyle, USMC a comedy series created specifically for Nabors, putting the naive Pyle in an armed position. It lasted five seasons, beginning in 1964.

Nabors also got its own mix show, Hour Jim Nabors, on CBS from 1969 to 1971.

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