‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Completely Changed Opie’s Characterization From Season 1

Few TV shows from the 1960s have the same amount of nostalgia claim Andy Griffith Exhibition. Throughout his eight seasons, the show evolved and grew with the times. For example, most of the early broadcasts were in black and white, but the last 90 programs were full of color.

However, the changes in the display over the years were not just due to technological advances. In a recent interview, the actor played one Andy Griffith Shows most iconic characters appeared as his character changed dramatically after the first season

Actors Mary Anne Durkin and Ron Howard on 'The Andy Griffith Show'
Actors Mary Anne Durkin and Ron Howard on Andy Griffith Exhibition | Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ aired 249 programs from 1960 to 1968

On display is the late Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor, who will lead the law enforcement efforts of the tiny town of Mayberry, North Carolina. The straightforward nature of his character was contrasted with the negative views of vice-sheriff Barney Fife (Don Knotts), his warm and warm aunt Beatrice Taylor (Frances Bavier), and a wide team of friends and city politicians.

But many of the characters in the show’s eight seasons weren’t as important as storytelling Andy Griffith Exhibition as Opie Taylor, the young son of Sheriff Taylor.

Ron Howard showed Opie Taylor

One reason it attracted a lot of fans Andy Griffith Exhibition this was due to the warm and genuine relationship between the two on-screen Taylors. Children on sitcoms were often written to be funny, witty and hurtful, but Opie was shown to be calm, quiet and loving.

This was an anomaly in the TV industry, and it almost appeared as such when the show was being created.

“Early on, they wrote Opie a little differently,” Howard said of his anonymous character in an interview with the American Television Archive. He initially said that the show’s writers wanted Opie to be “more like the normal kids sitcom” and would use “smart comeback, jokes, punchlines. ”

However, Howard ‘s father had a conversation with Andy Griffith about the transition between Sheriff Taylor and Opie Taylor. “Andrew was talking to my dad about our relationship because my dad and I were really close,” Howard said again.

And that conversation about Howard’s connection to his father actually left a lasting impression on his TV father. Ongoing, The Andy Griffith Look shifting gears and making Opie character tokens more interesting and heartfelt, instead of slapstick and funny.

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