‘The Amazing Race’: Show Creators Admitted They Like to Cast Partners Who Come With ‘A Little Drama’

There is a reason The Amazing Race there is an enthusiastic fan base. The hit reality series shows teams battling it as they travel from country to continent in a worldwide race. They must complete challenges, overcome cultural barriers, and work well with their team to reach the finish and win the $ 1 million prize.

The creators of the show seem to like making sure the team deserves a show, though. This is why they like to add participants who come with “a little drama. ”

The ‘Amazing Race’ pushes competitors to the bottom

Phil Keoghan competes on 'The Amazing Race'
Phil Keoghan with contestants on ‘The Amazing Race’ | Monty Brinton / CBS through Getty Images

Compete onwards The Amazing Race they have to work with their partners to get from point A to point B at a fast pace – and of course it’s not easy. From booking the best flights to getting good food, former competitors have talked about some of the most unforeseen challenges.

Some of the challenges start before the show even movies. Competitors are given a month’s notice before they have to prepare for a lifelong adventure. And they’re told they’re not being told what they need to pack, either.

“Before the race, I would sit around watching YouTube videos, like, ‘How to pack for a month’s backpacking trip in different climates,’ and I would pack and repack,” said Hayley Keel, a former contestant. She’s just shining.

Guest Phil Keoghan gave his own advice when it comes to personal items that competitors should always have with them. “Leave valuables in the hotel safe only in today’s city,” he said AARP. “That doesn’t include a passport, anyway; I’m always better off keeping that with you. ”

Show the creators that they like to create partners that create good television

Phil Keoghan with 'The Amazing Race'
Phil Keoghan with team from ‘The Amazing Race’ | Elizabeth Morris / CBS via Getty Images

As if racing around the world were exciting enough, show the creators to make sure they’re also throwing competitors who bring a lot of energy – and maybe a little tension – to the small screen.

“We always promote Type-A personalities, people who are highly competitive. It’s always nice if they have a sense of humor because you have to have a sense of humor to be on the road for so long, ”said co-creator Elise Doganieri, according to E! News. “And it’s also for people who have interesting personalities together. It can’t be, ‘We are best friends and we have a good time. ‘”

She then noted that keeping everything attractive to viewers is a big priority. “People who tend to have relationships that are so perfect and easy are not the best TV sometimes,” Doganieri said. “We have to see, basically, that there’s a little drama, a little spark.”

What are the throwing requirements for being on ‘The Amazing Race’?

'The Amazing Race'
‘The Amazing Race’ Timothy Kuratek / CBS through Getty Images

Interested in competing on one of the greatest reality series ever seen? E! News notes that all entrants must be at least 21 years old. And when applying as a team, it is best for team members to have a “reciprocal” relationship and know each other for at least a year.

It seems that the best method chosen for the show is to be authentic. “” When we sit and hear tests, we can immediately tell whether someone is trying to be something they are not, trying to anticipate what we want or not. completely honest about who they are, ”Doganieri said.

We are excited to see what happens The Amazing Race in 2021!

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