‘The Amazing Race 32’ Star Kellie Brinkley Wants To ‘Redeem’ Herself on ‘The Challenge’

Former Olympic track stars Kellie Brinkley and LaVonne Idlette competed together The Amazing Race 32. After removing the second leg, Brinkley indicated that she wanted to “re-release” the MTV competition series, The challenge.

'The Amazing Race 32': LR Photo: LaVonne Idlette and Kellie Brinkley
‘The Amazing Race 32’: LR Photo: LaVonne Idlette and Kellie Brinkley | Timothy Kuratek

Kellie Brinkley was an Olympic track star

Born and raised in Virginia, Kellie Brinkley (née Wells) began running a career in a grade school. She moved in with her father who had dropped out as a high school sophomore before going to Hampton University.

A few years after graduating, Brinkley ran for the 2008 Olympic Examinations specializing in 100-meter grids, but terrible tears prevented her from competing.

She returned in 2011 and won her first indoor and outdoor national titles. However, the star did not finish the World Championships track due to a fall after hitting the seventh knack.

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Brinkley competed in the London 2012 Olympics, where she finished third, winning a Bronze medal, with a time of 12.48 seconds. The custodian held a ten-year career, ranking within the top 10 in the world each year, and became an ambassador for several major companies, including Nike, Coca-Cola, and Army in the US.

In 2015, she and her husband, former NFL line player Jasper Brinkley, welcomed Jasper Jr.

Brinkley competed on ‘The Amazing Race 32’

Almost five years after his birth, the 38-year-old keeper was now competing The Amazing Race 32 along with former Olympic goalkeeper and longtime friend LaVonne Idlette. The women went to college together, where they both competed on the track and field team before bidding for the Olympics.

They got off to a rocky start in the first leg as it took them a while to find and release the matching fish. In addition, Brinkley’s dyslexia made it difficult for her to remember number sequences to play the steel drums correctly, and they finally placed second.

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For the second leg, the competitors had to fly to Columbia and complete a series of tasks. Although they did well, the GPS of their cab driver died, and they were lost several times, putting them at the back of the package.

They could not get lead back and finished in the last place, and as a result they were eliminated.

Brinkley wants to ‘liberate’ the ‘Challenge’

As the program aired, Brinkley and Idlette live Tweeted along with the show. They both talked about the cab driver putting up their game by getting lost and noticed that they had an “explosion” in those two weeks.

Their fans tweeted the women telling them they’d like to watch them on another show, and Brinkley said she’s interested in competing on MTV’s reality show series. She wrote, “Let’s start a hashtag of some sort! Get ya girl on The challenge or other presentation. I have to free myself! ”

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The tournament has long had a spinoff, Champs vs Stars, and invited Olympic champions to take part, including Lindsey Jacobellis, Gus Kenworthy, Lolo Jones, Louie Vito, and Louise Hazel, who is also a track and field star.

If so The challenge making another season of the spinoff, Brinkley may be a perfect choice. The Amazing Race 32 air Wednesday at 9 / 8c on CBS.

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