‘The Amazing Race 32’: Does DeAngelo Williams or Gary Barnidge Have a Higher Net Worth?

One of the forward teams The Amazing Race 32 funny but competitive friends, DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge. Prior to participating in the CBS reality show, the two favorite professional football fans played together for the Carolina Panthers for several years. Which NFL star has a higher net worth?

The Amazing Race 32: LR pictured: DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge
‘The Amazing Race 32’: LR Photo: DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge | Timothy Kuratek

DeAngelo Williams before ‘The Amazing Race 32’

Hailing from Wynne, Arkansas, he ran back and star DeAngelo Williams to the University of Memphis, where he started on the football team as a true expert.

Williams had a good college career and finished seventh overall in the 2005 Heisman Cup voting. He also broke the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) Division 1 record for the 100-yard and yards largest rush games. multi-purpose, which he still holds.

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In 2006, the Carolina Panthers climbed back the run in the first round, 27th overall, and took # 34, the same number as their then-hero, Ricky Williams.

The run back became a start two years later and broke several franchise records, including most rush rods and most in-season tours. He went on to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2015 – 2016 before retiring in football in 2018.

Gary Barnidge ro ‘The Amazing Race 32’

Born in Kentucky before moving to Florida, tight end Gary Barnidge played college football at the University of Louisville. The Panthers climbed him in 2008 in the fifth round, 141st overall, where he first played on special teams. In 2010, he led the team in tackles before losing next season with a broken ankle.

Three years later, Barnidge joined the Cleveland Browns and enjoyed a starter year in 2015, where he tied a franchise record, was voted the best player on the team, and made the Pro Bowl as a substitute. The Browns dropped the tight end two seasons later.

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Barnidge played with Williams for the tight five-year career as a Carolina Panther, and they became close friends. In 2017, the duo appeared on the Impact Wrestling program before Williams decided to become a professional wrestler. He first started with Barnidge and announced his retirement three days later.

The running back has shown his interest in returning to wrestling before competing The Amazing Race 32 with its pre-existing tight end. The team is doing well so far and have put the top for the first two legs.

Does Williams or Barnidge have a higher net worth?

Barnidge’s impressive performance in the 2015 season earned a 3-year extension worth around $ 12 million. However, the Browns released him a year before the contract expired. Its exact net worth is not available; but, he did nearly $ 11.5 million over his nine-year career.

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In 2011, Williams received a $ 43 million five-year extension from the Panthers before signing a $ 4 million two-year deal with the Steelers. Williams played for 11 years before enjoying a short-term career as a goalkeeper. It’s a little higher net worth listed at $ 16 million. The Amazing Race 32 air Wednesday at 9 / 8c on CBS.

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