‘That ’70s Show’ Fans Are Calling Tanya Roberts’ Misreported Death ‘Such a Midge Thing’

Tanya Roberts, former Bond Girl and ’70s exhibition alum, Jan died. 4, 2021, at age 65-years. After her death was later misrepresented and confirmed, some fans linked the situation to her iconic role as Midge Pinciotti on ’70s exhibition.

Laura Prepon and Tanya Roberts
Laura Prepon and Tanya Roberts Gabe Palacio / Getty Images

Publicist Tanya Roberts said she was dead, then not dead, and then dead again

On Sunday, Jan.3, the news of Roberts’ death quickly spread among fans. Little was known about Roberts’ illness. At the time, the public was only aware that she had fainted on Dec. 24 and was in the hospital at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

“They told me that all her bodily functions, her organs, are separated and she couldn’t come back to be the same – she would be in bed for the the rest of her life, ”said Roberts’ domestic partner, Lance O’Brien Page six.

Roberts journalist Mike Pingel shared news of her death with the world. But the next day, Pingel announced that she was still alive. Pingel appeared in a statement as he found an error with O’Brien that Roberts had died.

Following a media shock, news of Roberts’ official death was announced Monday night.

Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher pointed out that Tanya Roberts was not dead

Early Monday, while Roberts was still technically alive, her youngest co-stars arrived ’70s exhibition, including lead Topher Grace and Danny Masterson, mourning her loss on social media.

“I’m so sorry to hear of #TanyaRoberts passing,” said Smith in tweet. “She was a real character on the # That70sShow set. I did a #USO trip with her and she made me laugh for two weeks straight, on the elevator, in the SUV, in the helicopter, on the platform. The soldiers loved her. We all loved her. ”

Fans believe the death of Tanya Roberts is a fitting tribute to her role as Midge Pinciotti

Forward The ’70s Exhibition, Roberts played Donna’s mother (Laura Prepon). Despite her lack of information, many fans enjoyed Midge’s view “down with the patriarchy” and her willingness to be self-assured. After the frenzy surrounding Roberts ‘death, fans linked back to one of Roberts’ funniest roles.

“This roller-coaster was so awesome to happen,” said a fan Reddit. “Rest in peace, Tanya.”

“This poor woman died twice this year and we are not even a week into 2021,” said another fan. “We will miss you, Tanya.”

’70s exhibition fans will miss Roberts dearly.

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