‘Teen Mom 2′: Kailyn Lowry Says She Moved To Be Closer To Chris Lopez–’I F*cked Up’

In preview for a program of Mom deugaire 2, we hear Kailyn Lowry say that she moved closer to Chris Lopez, the father of her son Lux and her new baby Creed. She had hoped that Lopez would be more involved in her son’s life but, so far, she is deeply disappointed.

Kailyn Lowry at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards
Kailyn Lowry | Gregg DeGuire / WireImage

Why Kailyn Lowry moved

In the next program of Mom deugaire 2, Lowry talks about her reasons for moving and regrets her decision.

“I’m going to look at a house in Dover,” she said in the clip. “I’m excited, and I feel good about it, and if I could just be like him, work it out and make it happen because Chris isn’t stepping up as I expected.

“I picked up, so the baseline, I started moving,” she continues, “and I made that mistake and now I have to correct it because I don’t have to drive Back and forth 35 minutes to make it easier for someone who is not adding to our home. ”

Current relationship of Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez

In September, Lowry explained to a fan on social media the arrest situation with Lopez.

“He has no grip,” she wrote. “He has monitored a visit.”

Lowry had hoped, with the Creed birth, that Lopez would “step up. ”

“Nothing I do can change someone else’s behavior. However, I feel like this is another attempt for me to allow him not to argue about the last name… [To] try to be there, ”Lowry said on her podcast, Coffee convos, on August 13, of inviting Lopez to Creed ‘s birth and giving Lopez his last name.

Lowry also reported In rubbing that she invited Lopez to Creed ‘s birth for Creed.

“I feel like, if I didn’t let him be there then, I would never have the opportunity – none of us would have the opportunity to give back or change,” she told the site. “I never ask my child to question why I didn’t let my father be there. And I feel that even if things don’t work out with Chris or he decides not to co-partner with me… no one can say I didn’t allow him to be there and try to being a parent. ”

Kailyn Lowry says Chris Lopez did not visit Creed in the month after his birth

On August 31, Lowry interviewed Domenick Nati Exhibition where she was asked about her “current status with Chris.”

“We will not communicate at all. I don’t remember the last time I heard from him, ”she told Nati. “He hasn’t seen Creed since he was born and maybe a day or two later. So it’s been rough but I wasn’t expecting anything else.

“I don’t know what he wants,” she continued. “In my mind I think if you wanted to see it, you would ask. If you wanted to be there, you would. I think people do what they want and actions speak louder than words. ”

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