Tamar Braxton Is No Longer Following Her Sisters or Mom on Instagram After Accusing Them of Exploiting Her Pain

The transition between Tamar Braxton and her famous family is becoming increasingly intense. Tamar is upset with her family after seeing a new teaser for the upcoming season of it Braxton Family Values that refers to her attempt at suicide. As a result, the Love & War the singer no longer follows her family on Instagram.

The Braxton family
The Braxton Family Todd Williamson / Getty Images For WE tv

Tamar Braxton blows We’ll Be TV and her family to talk about her suicide attempt in the upcoming season of ‘Braxton Family Values’

We released a new teaser TV for Braxton Family Values on Oct. 21. The teaser features Toni receiving a phone call regarding Tamar’s hospital due to Tamar’s suicide attempt. Toni then panked to tell her mother about Tamar’s condition.

Towanda and Trina talk about their first impression of hearing the news about Tamar. Trina says she has become slim, and Towanda says the news is unbelievable. Toni also says that the whole problem is like a nightmare for her family.

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Going to Instagram after seeing the teaser, Tamar explodes her family and former network. She is no longer in a contract with We TV. Tamar accuses the network of damaging her family’s connection by manipulating drama for the show.

“After waking up to that embarrassing trailer… F * CK @wetv and anyone else involved to use my pain for their happiness and rating,” Tamar explains writing.

She also explained in a Twitter post, saying that the scenes featured in the new teaser were recreated months after the show stopped filming.

Tamar Braxton takes out her sisters and mother on Instagram

Madame Noire reports that Tamar is no longer following her four sisters or her mother on Instagram among the new teaser releases. Both Tamar and Traci were not already following each other due to their explosion that occurred at the end of season 6.

Tamar has also been upset with her family over them talking negatively about her ex, David Adefeso. She says despite their bitter breakups and upcoming legal issues, Adefeso was a good partner during the relationship. She is also urging her family to stop speaking in public and allow her to deal personally with her issues.

This is not the first time Tamar has had social media meat with her family. She had previously stopped talking to her mother and sisters to allege that her husband, Vincent Herbert, was physically abused during their marriage. Tamar says her family did not tell the whole truth, admitting she felt blinded by how sad her family was.

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Ms Evelyn filmed tears with a broken heart over Tamar changing her number and unable to contact her youngest child. Tamar also denied Traci by driving away from a movie that Traci was visiting in an attempt to reconnect with Tamar.

Tamar will appear on an upcoming program of Tamron Hall Exhibition to tell her side of the story about her suicide attempt, breaking up with Adefeso, and her issues with We TV and her family. The program will air on Wednesday, October 28. Viewers are encouraged to check their local listings for air times.

Quarter 7 of Braxton Family Values starting November 5 at 9pm EST on We TV.

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