‘Survivor’ Star Russell Hantz Targets Jeff Probst for Season 41 Delay

With the global rollout of COVID-19, new television filming has been looking for new obstacles to overcome. Unfortunately, for some shows that means delays – safety comes first after all. This has been true for Survivor – CBS and Jeff Probst decided that it would be good for everyone involved to put the show on hold for now. However, some fans are becoming impatient, among them Survivor the legend of Russell Hantz.

CBS and Jeff Probst put ‘Survivor’ on ice

Russell Hantz and Jeff Probst of Survivor
Russell Hantz and Jeff Probst à Survivor | Monty Brinton / CBS tro Getty Images)

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COVID-19 has captured many aspects of our lives, including entertainment. Survivor Presenter Jeff Probst made the choice with CBS to let him film Season 41 for falling on the air.

Probst reported to the Survivor team explains the decision, as well as the goal of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

“Although Fiji has had no issues and is very remote, our team has over 400 and they fly in from over 20 different countries, creating a need for it. more time to analyze and create our new product safety plan. The situation is unique and we are learning more information every day. It is with great concern for all of you that we have taken this step, ”explained Probst.

“We are the most experienced international television team in the world and for 20 years we have led a number of production issues calmly and successfully. We will sail in this way, ”said the legendary host.

“The health and safety of football and production members is our top priority,” CBS said in a statement.

Rusell Hantz asks Jeff Probst to work it out

While Survivor potentially worrying about the team and its crew, other demonstrations are finding ways to work around the constraints created by COVID-19. Am Bachelorettefor example, have started broadcasting their most recent season after the team and team have been quarantined and proven to be fit.

Survivor star Russell Hantz is tired of waiting, and is urging Jeff Probst to make Season 41 of the CBS franchise happen sooner rather than later.

“[H]ey @JeffProbst If they can [The Bachelorette] where half the time they exchange saliva is, [t]hey surely Survivor can do it! Let’s figure it out! everyone else is… @survivorcbs, ” tweet the infamous footstep.

Why is ‘Survivor’ sticking to Fiji?

Russell Hantz à Survivor
Russell Hantz à Survivor| Brian To / FilmMagic

Some fans have suggested that Survivor just quarantine in the same way they did for Am Bachelorette and then make a film within the United States to avoid international travel. But, Survivor has been sticking with Fiji for several years, and they do not appear to have any plans to change that.

Jeff Probst has previously explained that Fiji is currently in the very best position. It’s remote, the beaches are virtually untouched, and perhaps more importantly, Fiji offers a 45% discount on filming.

“We’re doing a show, they want to promote Fiji, so it’s a quid pro quo. He has taken that part of the show out of our hands and allowed us to focus on creative work, ”said Probst, referring to the logistics behind establishing a new space each season.

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