‘Survivor’ Contestants Once Revealed Why The Pizza Reward Wasn’t Good

Every quarter of Survivor showing competitors fighting out for food. A large pizza order is one of those prizes. But past winners have allowed it not to be the best food prize for an interesting reason.

Survivor contestants are usually hungry throughout the season

Producers are well aware of how hungry the team gets so later in the season they take a turn for the worse. Players could challenge to fight for immunity, or they could sit and eat. Host, Jeff Probst spoke Weekly entertainment about why it might be wise to sit out.

He said: “Sitting outside may be a smart move. You measure the risk of immunity against the small numbers of winning it in the first place and then compare that with the certainty of the food. ”

It has also been suggested that eating can be part of someone ‘s strategy. A feeder player could have more fuel in the tank for the next part of the game.

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