‘Supernatural’ Episode 16 Recap: Sam and Dean Revisit Their Childhood, Billie Pops In

After Castiel finds out about Billie ‘s plan for Jack in episode 15 of Supernatural, share it with Dean. The question is whether he will tell Sam or keep it a secret until the last minute. With the Earth clock ticking down and Jack’s mission hanging over them, that ‘s anyone’ s blows.

Going into episode 16, “Drag Me Away,” the Winchesters know they’ve gotten through to Amara but what now? Things are paused for a moment as they revisit the past.

The Winchesters examine

Flash forward. Sam and Dean sweep the room and can’t find any irregular activity.

Back in time, the Winchesters call the Dad for help but he can’t come. They explain to the monsters to real sisters that they are hunters. They want strange events and learn that children have gone missing in the city.

Dean doesn’t believe the monster has returned, but Caitlyn does. He said he killed him and a flashback scene shows the children finding him down to an abandoned cannery. Dean wanted to be alone Caitlyn embraces herself hunting. He showers it after finding something difficult and they hurry back.

While exploring the scene, kiddie Sam and Travis are at the motel playing Boggle. The game spells words about killing and death and the entity attacks the boys. Dean runs in and melts into dust, and a ruby ​​ring glows on the floor.

The scene moves to an adult Dean walking down the motel hall and a young, frightened Dean comes up to him and tells him that he has failed. A blade appears in his hand and Dean falls to his knees, about to stab himself. Sam appears around the corner and carves Dean out of it. The monster is back.

They gather at a bar with Caitlyn. They understand that he knows how to go in anyone’s form. Dean explains that he found his nest when they were teenagers and that there were the bodies of children. Sam and Caitlyn leave to explore.

Billie shows up with a stern warning

Billie pulls up Dean at the diner and accuses him of working a case. She warns that Chuck has just been shot through one last world, and the only one left is theirs.

He speaks verbally to her about Jack being a weapon. Billie says this is the last time they will see her because that’s how Chuck’s book is written. She urges him to clean up any loose heads and make sure Sam is on board. The weather is full.

Sam and Caitlyn find a legend for Baba Yaga, the old witch. They discover she has a connection to the ruby ​​ring that Johnsons’ mother found in a vacuum. Travis used it as a lucky charm.

Caitlyn walks and goes out to the car by herself to look for him in Travis things. He is missing because he has the ghost Baba Yaga / Travis. The spirit attacks Caitlyn.

Dean returns from the diner and finds Sam startled. They parted up to look for Baba Yaga’s nest. Dean finds it in 214 and the door closes behind him. He is in a delusion of the canery and is attacked by the monster.

As he tries to fight it off, Sam explodes in and stabs him in the back. She throws it across the room and chokes Dean but he rips off her ring and knocks it off. He presses the ring with his gun and she fires it.

In a final flashback, teenager Sam and Dean make up. Grownup Sam and Dean are in the car. On the way home, Dean confesses to Sam that Cass does not answer the phone. He tells him about Billie and her plan for Jack. Sam is upset and they get into an argument about how things have to be.

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