‘Suits’: 1 Couple Was Never Meant to Happen

Romeo and Juliet were not the only couple on stage who never intended to be. Suits it had more than its fair share of couples, and there was one, in particular, who never wanted to see the light of a television screen. But still Rant Screen reporting that, as a result of popular demand, one pair went from just coworkers to one of the expected couples on display.

(LR) Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Ray Proscia as Dr.  Stan Lipschitz, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter laughing around an altar
(LR) Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Ray Proscia as Dr. Stan Lipschitz, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter on Suits | Shane Mahood / Getty Images

Harvey Specter

Played by Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter is one of the most outspoken lawyers on the show, and that is a good thing. He wants to win, and he does what it takes to win his case. Harvey’s exact name was enough to make other lawyers question whether they really had a winning case.

The fact that he hires Mike Ross as a lawyer, even though Ross was kicked out of Harvard, shows how confident Harvey is. As long as he’s sure not to get caught, he’s ready to play the game. There are even times when he knows there is no way to get away with it, and Harvey does that anyway.

Harvey has a unique style, and always looks good together. He is best known for his slow hairstyle, hated by Gabriel Macht, even though it fit the character of his character.

Donna Paulsen

Played by Sarah Gray Rafferty, Donna Paulsen kicks off the show as Harvey’s legal secretary. She is an incredibly intelligent woman who can keep up with any lawyer at Pearson Hardman LLP. Other characters refer to her as’ Mommy, ” The Fax Whisper, ‘and’ the Mighty Donna. ‘

Donna is a woman on Harvey ‘s right hand, and she gets out of more than one jam. Of course, many problems are solved before they ever hit Harvey’s desk. More than one character comes to her for help, and Donna doesn’t turn them away.

It was fired more than once from Pearson Hardman LLP, but Harvey always fights to get it back. Donna gives the law firm a much-needed structure, with a snark side to keep everyone on their toes.

Once tired of being a play assistant, Donna asked to be named a partner even though she is not a lawyer. Harvey had a hard time telling her no, and she’s fighting for the position, but Jessica Pearson and Lewis Litt say she didn’t win it. They are willing to become the COO of the law firm now known as Specter Litt, however.

The couple who were never going to be

Harvey and Donna should never have been bigger than the chefs who went into the spat from time to time, but fans saw sparks there. At first, it almost feels like two sisters who just happen to be working together, but things change slowly.

Both characters had more than their fair share of romantic relationships, especially in the beginning. But as the series progressed, Harvey began to show signs of humiliation that Donna was going back with a contemptible British lawyer named Stephen Huntley.

It’s not until season seven that Donna finally kisses Harvey. Even though fans thought this was a sign that they would eventually be together, they shouldn’t be. Not yet anyway.

It wasn’t until season eight that the two last became couples. Harvey realized he loved Donna, and ran to her home after an important lawsuit to confess her feelings. In the final row, the two engage, and walk down the aisle. For fans who have been waiting to see this for nine seasons, it was a great way to end the series.

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