‘Stranger Things’: Stephen King Thinks the Series Owes a Lot To ‘IT’

Stephen King fans had to be blind without realizing the direct connections between IT and Strange things. While The Duffer Brothers consider their Netflix series as a love letter to King and all 80s, what they look like is too important not to deal with. And while the awful author is a great follower Strange things, he considers the series to be heavily in the 1986 novel, IT.

Winona Ryder
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All the subtle meanings between ‘IT’ and ‘Stranger Things’

There is so much obedience IT in a Netflix show. In season 1 of the series, they even mention the author when they mention the telekinetic powers of Eleven. (The king’s book, Carrie, there is a young girl who has the same power.)

But what are the direct links between The Duffer Brothers show and IT? Both include a group of outlets in middle school. There is one girl in each group of friends (at least before Max.) And both IT and Strange things they cannot get enough of their children on their bikes with all modes of transport. “Losers Club” and “The Party” are pretty much the same. Even both of them Finn Wolfhard are members of the group!

Like Beverly Marsh in the King’s story, Eleven has to deal with an abusive father. Beverly and Eleven are not safe at home, so they have to create a new family within their group of fake friends. Together, these uprisings have to overcome everything with very little help, regardless of their young age.

Stephen King recognizes all the differences between ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘IT’

The 80s, bike rides, and misfits, oh my gosh!

Given those direct similarities between the two stories, one may wonder what Stephen King is thinking about this. Does it feel like plagiarism? Copy? Guilty? As it turns out, none of the above. In a tweet, King issues his license stamp on the series. “Strange things it’s a lot of fun, ”he prints. “A +. Don’t miss it. Winona Ryder is shining. ”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the author is asked about the series and what he thinks about it. He said, “I like it [Stranger Things] a lot, but he’s in debt to him It, ”The author states. “That’s another book about children who are weak and helpless on their own – but together they can do something that is very strong.”

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, The Duffer Brothers call a King their “God”. The author is said to have been a major influence on the storytelling. “Growing up, it was a great inspiration,” the brothers say. “He’s a god to us, so it’s been amazing to communicate with him at all. ”

‘South Park’ did a full program making fun of so many ‘Stranger Things’ that connect to ‘IT’

Strong fans of South Park know that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are very much Stephen King fans. Since their show premiered in 1997, the animated series has released King References throughout the series. With reference to The Stand, The glow, Peata Semetary, and An Corp, they are clearly into his work. But in a recent program titled “Splatty Tomato,” the series discusses the similarities Strange things is gu IT.

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