‘Southern Charm’: Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Drug Use and Neglect As He Files Documents to Move the Kids Further Away

Seann South Charm star Thomas Ravenel has ruled his conservatory battle with former Kathryn Dennis. The former South Carolina state treasurer has reportedly sent for an emergency detention proposal to Dennis. Ravenel’s legal team put in the paperwork when they discovered Dennis was using drugs while the children were in her care.

Charm and Deas Kathryn Dennis Thomas Ravenel
Katheyn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel on ‘Southern Charm’ | Paul Cheney / Bravo / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photos via Getty Images

The ‘Southern Charm’ stars reached a capture agreement in November 2019

according to People the magazine, Ravenel and Dennis reached an arrest agreement in November 2019 after fighting in court for years over their two children – Kensie, 6, and Saint, 4. At the time, Dennis said she was relieved that the fight was finally over.

“I feel good that we are really moving forward,” she said. “I feel like we’ve been non-stop and my whole life has stopped since then. It feels like a lot of pressure has been lifted. ”

Dennis shared the news with her fans on Twitter. She wrote that she and Ravenel had “resolved all the issues related to our children. “She said the agreement was in the best interests of the children, and she was delighted to move forward.

The former couple agreed to be involved in legal and physical custody, with Ravenel “primary legal care. Ravenel ‘s lawyer explained that in the summer of 2020, the South Charm the stars would start sharing a 50/50 “body-grip every week-by-week. ”

The agreement required Dennis to hire a nanny during her time with the children. Ravenel agreed to pay the nanny’s salary instead of child support.

Thomas Ravenel has welcomed a new baby since he separated from Kathryn Dennis

Since parting ways with Dennis, Ravenel has moved on to new relationships. One was with Heather Thea Mascoe, and the couple welcomed their first child together – Jonathan Jackson Ravenel – at the end of 2019.

Ravenel recently printed a photo of his third child and praised Heather in the caption. The embarrassed politician wrote that his son’s smile is the result of a mum who has been “perfect in every way” for the past 11 months.

according to FitsNews, Replied Heather’s niece, Alyssa Mascoe, Ravenel. She wrote, “I hope it’s yours.” She said she knew what Heather was doing when she was “going” Ravenel, as well as “what she is always doing around her children. ”

Ravenel did not respond, but has been posting messages about “marriage” soon.

The previous one South Charm the star also plans to move out of Charleston completely. He wants to live full-time at his $ 1.3 million mansion in Aiken, South Carolina. Ravenel reportedly sent a friendly letter to Dennis’ legal team stating his desire to take Kensie and Saint with him after they ended the normal school year.

The former ‘Southern Charm’ star has changed tactics

The letter also pointed out that the distance between Aiken and Charleston would make it impossible for them to share a 50/50 grip. Instead, Ravenel asked to keep the children full-time and enroll them in a private school.

He visited Dennis every weekend and four weeks in the summer. Ravenel reportedly gave Dennis one week to respond, but it does not appear that she gave up Ravenel on his offer.

according to All about tea, Ravenel has let down the friendly tactics and started slinging mud. In a revised emergency arrest recommendation, Ravenel has accused Dennis of drug abuse and child neglect.

“We have evidence that Ms Dennis was seen making cocaine while in custody of the children. A witness who saw Ms Dennis leave cocaine on an open dresser within reach of the children, ”the document says.

Ravenel also notes that there have been cases with four-year-old Saint. He says that Dennis has many times left Saint without anyone and that the child ended up running into a busy street. Traitors had to bring Saint back home, and they also called the police.

The allegations did not stop there. Ravenel says Dennis has left the children’s home alone several times. He says she gave Kenzie an old phone that had special pictures of her mother. Ravenel also says that the children do not brush their teeth when living with Dennis. And, he accused Dennis’ home that it was like a program of Responsibilities.

Dennis did not respond to the last round of horrific accusations at Ravenel.

Quarter 7 of South Charm premieres Thursday, October 29 on Bravo.

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