‘Southern Charm’: Shep Rose Calls Trump Supporters Who Tried To Stop the Election ‘Rats Who Stayed on the Ship’

Shep Rose from South Charm they compared lawyers to Donald Trump’s supporters who tried to stop the President’s election results from being declared “rats who stayed on the ship.”

Rose Shep
Rose Shep | Mike Windle / NBCUniversal tro Getty Images

“Can you imagine how a cowardly f ** king would have to go to DC and celebrate a man who lost the election for himself and for the GOP in Georgia? ”Rose tweet just hours before Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. “What a cult. This SOB is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country and the GOP. And the rats live on the ship. ”

Like the rest of the country, Rose watched in horror as Trump supporters took over the Capitol, raided offices and ran into areas forbidden to the Capitol. public.

‘Irregardless’ is not a word

Rose was like the ashes of riots to Black Friday customers. “This absentee cultist Trump stormed the capital building as if he were the ** king of Black Friday at Bass Pro Shop,” he tweeted as undeveloped events. Rose decided that he finally chose David Lynch ‘s film to watch the news.

Of course, he and Andy Cohen of Bravo couldn’t help but have fun with how the Sen. used to be. Josh Hawley uttered the word, “irregardless” in his remarks later in the evening. “You’re not a silly word,” said Cohen tweeted. Rose said, “But Hawley said it on the assembly floor! You can’t do this. ”

“I texted them and made a quick phone call,” she said. Adding that she did not want to speak out in case the protesters heard it. “I had to turn off the lights and turn off any noise. I was watching TV silently, and I was just texting them that I loved them. ”

She also wants Trump to be accountable. “The dangerous words and actions by this President and how he impacted people across the Capitol yesterday, from members to staff and the public who may be around, are impossible, ”she said. “And something needs to be done. A clear message that these actions were wrong must be sent. ”

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