‘Southern Charm’: Cameran Eubanks Admits Being in the Public Eye Is Filled With Landmines

Although she has left the show, Cameran Eubanks came from South Charm admits that you are sometimes “spoiled if you do and you will be ruined if you don’t” in the public eye.

Kathryn Dennis, Patricia Altschul and Cameran Eubanks
Kathryn Dennis, Patricia Altschul and Cameran Eubanks Dia Dipasupil / Bravo

Eubanks attended a baby shower for former cast member Eliza Limehouse. She shared a picture of him Instagram with Limehouse and another guest with the three women wearing masks. A man mentioned how the women wore a mask, which became a talking point.

“It’s all right,” Eubanks replied. “Welcome to the world we live in. You are ruined if you do and you will be ruined if you do not. Luckily I don’t get offended easily. Everyone deserves their own opinions. “The wearing of mascara has become a matter of controversy during the pandemic.

Wearing mascara has become a win-win situation

Some celebrities and real people have freely shared videos and photos where it is not clear that they are adhering to public health guidelines. Kelly Dodd from The real housewives in Orange County has gotten a lot back for openly mocking the COVID-19 mask and guide. But then again, some fans commented on Eubank ‘s thread about how they wore a mask.

South Charm Photographers Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Madison LeCroy, and Austen Kroll also caught heat early in the pandemic. They were seen eating at a restaurant and hanging out when the country went into lock and key. “Love it but… Go home! Stop the scattering .. ”one person wrote a picture of Kroll shared from a restaurant.

after that video sharing from the Whiney Sudler-Smith driveway. “St. Paddy has a different baby this year. Make sure we have heard many of your threats and death threats, which for some reason we are normalizing / internalizing, and using social distance, ”he wrote. “@Wsudlersmith was gracious enough to give us the Bourbon, which we had to pick up once he landed it away from us. SIDE NOTE: The price of the bourbon he donated went up with every story he told # 20feet. ”

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