‘Sons of Anarchy’: 6 Times Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller Was a Complete Bad**s Without Raising His Fists

For seven seasons, Charlie Hunnam ‘s Jax Teller was his strongest character Son of Anarchy. His main goal has always been to defend his club and family, and his enemies had to walk lightly. At times, he only had a few words to say to show just how strong and intimidating he was. Here are 6 times that Jax Teller was a complete ** s bad.

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6. Jax talks about Tara’s stalker in season 1 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Jax is very loyal to his club, his children, and his wife, Tara. In season 1 of Son of Anarchy, Jax has a conversation with the federal agent Kohn (Jay Carnes), who also happens to be ex Tara. When Kohn asks Jax if he’s threatening a federal agent, Jax looks him in the eyes and releases some knowledge. He’s not threatening a federal representative, he’s threatening.

“The boys gave you the best picture. You have nothing on SAMCRO. And you harass Tara, that ends here… Or next time it won’t be a piece of car ** t I’m draining water from. ”

5. Jax negotiates with the DA – ‘You can slap my wrists until they’re bloody, wife. I will not give as ** t ‘

During season 6, Jax tried to negotiate for defense for his entire club by promising to give up more offense and loads of guns. He tells the DA that he wants to make the club legit. But she wasn’t sure Jax would keep his promise, which was hard for him.

Jax tells the DA: “I give you a win well above your pay level. You get your devil and you punch your ticket out of this cesspool. So let us not get lost in righteousness. I am the scumbag traitor, and you are the pillar of justice. And neither of us likes to look at ourselves in the mirror. Do we have a contract? ”

4. Jax’s promise in the toughest episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ ever

In one of the most memorable and heartbreaking events of the entire series, Opie (Ryan Hurst) sacrifices himself for SAMCRO. Opie dies in prison after being brutally beaten with pipes in a fight organized by a prison guard. After Opie’s death, Jax promises the guard that he will kill him when he finds out to murder his best friend.

“I am liberated. There is nothing you can do to stop that. I will find out who you are and where you live. And then I kill you. ”

3. Jax Teller tells the police what it’s going to be like

During the first season of Son of Anarchy, fans quickly discovered just how horrible Jax could be. Jax then told Sheriff Trammel (Glen Plummer) that when dealing with SAMCRO, it is best to work together.

“Hey, Trammel. It’s too late to pass, man. You know about us, and we all know about you. ”Jax says. “Look, the only way this relationship works is that two of us are together, or one of us is dead.”

2. Jax replaces Clay

Unlike Jax, Clay (Ron Perlman) was an awesome club leader. When Jax finally found out that Clay only wanted power and was making every wrong move, he stepped inside.

“You’re ready to tell me nothing. Now I’m telling you, ”Jax tells Clay. “You are retiring as president. You can sit at the table. You can have a vote. But that’s it. You keep the Irish happy, and you stay out of my way g ** d *** n. If you do not, I will let the club read the letters. ”

1. The last ending of the series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ – Jax’s final journey

in the Son of Anarchy end of series, Jax Teller chose to go out just like his father. After killing everyone against the club, he made the final sacrifice. Jax went on a final trip to sunset. He then rode the head of the bike to an oncoming half-truck.

The seven seasons of Son of Anarchy available on Hulu.

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