‘SNL’: The Backstage Brawl Between Cast Members Chevy Chase and Bill Murray

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase did not fare too well behind the scenes Saturday Night Live. While both actors were able to get him to work on it Caddyshack, Chase and Murray got into a physical fight back at the stage at SNL.

Chevy Chase short trip as an ‘SNL’ shooter

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase
Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Chevy Chase at the 24th Television Academy Hall of Fame Reception on November 15, 2017 | Leon Bennett / WireImage

according to curriculum vitae Chase. he accepted the role of “standout player” at SNL Season 1. But with “the actor’s brutal personality,” his comedy often read as “micro-spiritual.” ”Moreover, considering Chase who received the most media attention, his Saturday Night Live peers were concerned that “the ashes of fame were fading. ”

After that first 1975 season the SNL star “arranging its way out of Saturday night completely. ”

Chase, the announcement continued, “… returned for a show or two in the fall before disappearing for a special promise of prime time and greener grazing in Hollywood.”

In 1978, Michaels invited Chase back to SNL as a distinguished guest. As Biography when the comedian returned:

according to Saturday Night: History behind the scenes of Saturday Night Live, starring Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad, the actor quickly realized he had stepped into an environment that had been ‘poisoned’ against him. He did little to rebuild any good intentions, building people around and trying to return his old ‘Weekend Update’ section from his current guest, Jane Curtin. Meanwhile, drug use in the studio was rampant, with Chase admitting that he put too many things out of his misery.

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase get into a fight when ‘Weekend Update’ alum hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

By the time Chase returned to hospitality SNL, Murray was a cast member. The two actors knew each other when they were “working at National Lampoon together a few years earlier. ”

Just minutes later, Chase had to open the door SNL program with a monologue.

“He later said that the fight had not deceived him,” said a biographer, “although his fellow residents said there was a clear difference in his usual manner.”

Fortunately, Chase and Murray have since buried the hide, and are on good terms.

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