‘SNL’ Lexus Holiday Car Commercial Is the Perfect Pandemic Parody

Saturday Night Live, as with most things in comedy, often make jokes that are just funny in themselves. However, there are some of the funniest things SNLHistory has been the sketches that are just subtle and humorous scenes of everyday life. These sketches do well for many people because they allow the audience to laugh and think about ordinary things that would not be so funny otherwise.

That is exactly what happened in the recent program of SNL that was maintained by Timothee Chalamet. Here’s a look SNLa perfect parody of those Lexus holiday car ads that just make too much sense, especially at the time of the pandemic.

Car towing up to a 'SNL' tap
Car parked outside Saturday Night Live | David Yeh / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Lexus rehearses’ Lexus’ December to remember ‘

Like Vulture write, this sketch begins as a typical Christmas morning, with Nathan’s parents, played by Beck Bennett, and Kathy, played by Heidi Gardner, opening parents with their son, played by Chalamet .

Just before they are ready to open all the presents, Nathan, tells his son that there is one gift left to open. The son gives his mother the small gift box, which he opens to reveal that it is the Lexus car key.

The family goes out so Nathan can show off his modern Lexus SUV to his wife. Nathan wanted to surprise his wife with this luxury car because he thought that, since Christmas, it would be okay for him to make such a big purchase without talking to her about the car. first.

She was crazy about this, as it happened, they were not able to start a new Lexus at first, as Nathan was not aware of what the car would actually cost.

This short parody ends with the family driving back to the vendor to return the Lexus, but this sketch worked for so many reasons beyond those that were obvious.

Most people can’t surprise others with new cars

Other than that, here SNL a sketch worked because there was a funny but poignant view of how many relationships fall apart during the pandemic. With so many people living at home, many families have more time to spend together. While that may be good for many families, for others, it can be a little damaging.

The parents in this sketch had been hiding that Nathan lost his job over a year ago. In addition, a noisy neighbor, played by Mikey Day, revealed that the family has been going through an even worse time than their son knew.

For example, that neighbor revealed that Kathy had been “cheating on everyone” and that Nathan had pierced his ear just to impress his son’s girlfriend.

In real life, most families have not been as abusive as a result of the pandemic, but unfortunately, some have. That’s why this sketch worked on several levels, as it mocked Lexus ads that don’t make sense to most people other than abusive American families.

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