‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Says This ‘Old Fashioned’ Strategy Is the ‘Secret To a Happy Marriage’

Barbara Corcoran à Shark tank he created a successful business with just a $ 1,000 loan. Building her building empire from scratch, Corcoran has also re-established itself as a reality star on the popular TV series now in its 12th season.

He married her husband Bill Higgins from 1988, the Shark tank a star shared some words of wisdom on marriage which may be a bit old-fashioned for some but Corcoran swears by it.

Barbara Corcoran de 'Shark Tank'
Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ | Eric McCandless through Getty Images

Barbara Corcoran advises entrepreneurs on relationships

Corcoran knows for itself what it will take to start a company. The Shark tank a star suggests that progressive entrepreneurs make sure their other important people are on board with what’s at the forefront of building a business.

“I think a lot [relationships] It takes a 150% effort to succeed in life in the workplace, ”said Corcoran Lewis Howes. “If you are going to be a huge success – you are going to pour your heart and soul… [your business], you better have a spouse sign it. ”

The real estate mogul gets better business relationships and personal pairs when they have different opinions.

“Some people intuitively make quick choices about who should be their partner in business or in life,” Corcoran said. “I found the most successful of both [sides] has been when you choose the others. “

‘Shark Tank’ star gives men words of wisdom

With over 30 years of marriage under her belt, Corcoran has certainly made the most of her personal life. The millionaire investor shared some tips aimed at men for keeping things hooked at home.

“If you are a strong man, what a woman wants to hear is that she is right,” Corcoran explained. “The sooner you can accept that she is right, whether you feel it in your heart or not, the happier the woman will be.”

Whoever may be “right” in a particular situation, Corcoran suggested that the male partner of a couple focus on what drew him to each other first.

“Then if you can move on to what you drew in the first place and what you liked and delivered in the most sincere way,” said Corcoran, “you are ahead of the game against being falling down the pike. ”

Barbara Corcoran speaks from experience

While some may agree, the Shark tank The panelist maintained that this approach in marriage leads to happiness and longevity.

“I’ll tell you, ask a happy married man who has been married for years how to keep him happy,” Corcoran said. ‘Two out of three people will tell you’ I’ll tell my wife she’s always right. ‘That’s the secret to a happy marriage. “

While acknowledging that the strategy looks a bit outdated, Corcoran maintained that it is alive as proof of this theory.

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“That may look old-fashioned, but that’s also been a practical sight for me,” she said. “My husband is very good at saying ‘you’re right’ a lot faster as years go by. ”

Corcoran summed it up by emphasizing that each partner in a couple needs respect and esteem.

“Women really want to be respected,” said Corcoran. “They really want them to enjoy it so much. And it’s the same with men, of course. But you can lose sight of that pretty quickly when you’re in someone’s life for a long time. It is so important. ”

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