‘Shameless’: Some Fans Think Frank Gallagher Will Be Redeemed by the Finale

Often drunk but sensible, Frank Gallagher neglected his six children, leaving the eldest child, Fiona, to care for her brothers. In the 11th and final season of Shameless, Frank seems to have developed signs of dementia and could die before the series ’conclusion, not to mention how he offended his children. Is it possible that the patriarch will be liberated by the end?

Actor William H. Macy will be in attendance at the celebration of the 100th episode of Showtime "Shameless"
Actor William H. Macy will be in attendance at the 100th anniversary of “Shameless” at Showtime | Michael Tullberg

Frank Gallagher may have dementia

The Gallagher clan, the father of alcohol and drugs, neglected his six children after his late wife Monica left the family. Often seen going out around the south or the house, the patriarch usually spends his days at the bars and treats people to give him more money or drugs. .

Despite his cracks and misbehavior, Frank is brilliant, perhaps an expert, and seems to love his kids. However, his children do not want to do anything with him because of the years of neglect and treat him as a burden.

One Reddit the user noted that families are “products of their environment,” and Frank had an abusive mother. Another observer said that saying that the father could not have been included would also apply to his children because they all have a bad childhood that affected them.

Will the Gallagher clan be able to forgive or justify Frank, or is the patriarch unbelievable? Shameless air Sunday at 9/8 Central on Showtime.

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