‘Shameless’ Season 11: The Sad Ending Some Fans Predict For Frank Gallagher

Shameless he has several episodes in his last season and many fans are still wondering what old characters might be appearing. Viewers have watched Gallagher’s children grow up, make mistakes, pull together, and do what it takes to survive, but Frank has been the centerpiece.

His parenting skills are lacking, and their schemes are his own signature brand, but once in a while, Frank has shown that he has a conscience. As the series hits its final moments this season, not all fans think the Gallaghers fan will have a story that follows as Yes.

Some speculate that Frank will end up in poor health in the final run of the popular show.

William H. Macy
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Frank Gallagher has a history of health issues

Viewers have seen Frank’s drug and alcohol addiction play out on the small screen and his penchant for lying and scheming.

Much of that ended with a heavy story in which he needed a liver transplant and illegal surgery that removed a kidney instead. This was back in season 4, and Frank had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance after he collapsed.

He appeared to be on the brink of death then, but surprisingly he was put up on the list of donors for liver. Fans may remember how Frank celebrated his recovery with a little whiskey, and he has gone back to his old ways. But there may be something else in season 11.

Some fans think Frank is getting depressed

Already published by Shameless demonstrators that someone in the Gallagher family gets COVID-19, but there is one theory about what happened to Frank that gets a draw. Some believe he is showing signs of dementia based on what he did in program 3.

As Frank and Franny ran around town, he had trouble remembering the name of her school and how to get there. At first glance, this may seem like the course to him, but by the end of the episode, even Frank ‘s facial expression looked anxious.

After getting a tattoo, there was another scene where he and Franny went missing, and he asked where they were. Frank looked upset. He had a sweet moment with Franny near the end, but will his story have a sad ending?

Forward Reddit, a few starters said, “Frank with dementia is definitely a storyteller I can get behind. ”

Another said, “I honestly think this is the best program of the season so far. The sight with franny and frank when franny put on the dress made me tear a little 😂 I agree with most of you though, I think franks are showing signs of something. We’ll definitely see what happens. ”

A number of Twitter users feel that Frank could die before the season ends and are preparing for a bawl. And few people think that if his mind starts to shrink, he may recall his previous memories as a father and start meditating.

Frank’s health could return to character

In the past 11 seasons, Frank has found ways to bring himself to audiences and gain empathy. With that in mind, the Gallaghers come together in a time of family crisis or death. They did it with Monica.

If something big happens to Frank, it could open the door for Fiona (or Sheila) to return to say goodbye to her father and Shameless fans. Get in touch for the remaining nine events every Sunday at 9pm EST.

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