‘Sex and the City’ Producer, Michael Patrick King, Reveals That Mr. Big Almost Didn’t Have a Name

Carrie Bradshaw is probably the star and presenter of the Feis and the City, but week after week, fans looked inward to see how Carrie ‘s friendship with the mysterious Mr. Big would turn. They got the answer in the final episodes of the HBO series. Mr. Big, after playing games for six years, was ready to get real. To mark the occasion, the show’s producer decided to announce Big’s real name. The character almost had one.

What was Mr Big’s real name?

His real name was Mr. Big John James Preston. The character was not named who, for six seasons more than a lifetime. Fortunately, fans just accepted him as Mr. Big, but as the show drew to a close, Michael Patrick King knew Big had to have a name and had to be published. in a very big way. At times, less is more, though.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth appear in 'Sex and the City'
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw and Chris Noth as Mr. Big | Very important photographs 1999

He told the publisher that he did not want the name “spin”. In choosing a basic, generic name, King made sure that, for his fans, John James Preston would always be Mr. Big, and it worked out. Rarely did even the two films born from the series mention the full-name character. He was always “Big.”

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