‘Sex and the City’: Do You Remember The Show’s Ultimate Mean Girl

For six seasons, fans immersed themselves in the lives of Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones. While the main characters attracted fans to Feis and the City, the high school characters and the one-off events helped advance the series. That doesn’t mean that every side character was loved. Most fans agree that many of the girls ’girlfriends were horrible, but do you remember the show’s real mediocre girl? She only appeared for one program, but left a lasting impression.

Carrie Bradshaw had plenty of friends, but few enemies

Carrie wasn’t always lucky in love, but she had enough friendships. In addition to her main group of girls, she also had a Stanford Blatch and a bevy of ladies and gentlemen she knew well, such as Susan Sharon, Amalita, Laney, and Skipper Johnson. Unlike Carrie, there were a ton of enemies.

Cynthia Nixoxn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall in 'Sex and the City'
The team of ‘Sex and the City’ | Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive through Getty Images

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In fact, during the show’s six-season run, there were only a handful of women who seemed to despise Carrie. Two of these women were, in some way, related to her former husbands. Carrie had hard feelings about Natasha, the woman Mr. Big dated and married after his second relationship with Carrie. She also couldn’t stand Nina Katz, reportedly the woman Aidan Shaw went after he and Carrie ended their promise in season 4.

Carrie had no reason to hate Natasha

Carrie ‘s distaste for Natasha had almost nothing to do with Natasha. Instead, Carrie hated Natasha for everything she stood for. Tall, brunette was several years younger than Carrie and had been able to do what was previously impossible. She was able to praise Mr Big, something Carrie could not believe. In the two years Carrie and Big had known each other, Carrie could not even give Mr. Big a key to his apartment.

Natasha, on the other hand, had every reason to hate Carrie. Not only did Carrie have a relationship with her husband, but she did so in the home they shared. She also stepped in when she resisted and then spent months monitoring Natasha so she could “apologize. ”The act of apologizing was more to make Carrie feel better than giving Natasha a hug.

Nina Katz is probably the last average girl

While Carrie had no reason to hate Natasha, she certainly had reason to feel negative about Nina Katz. Nina and Carrie had no connection before Nina with the date Aidan. However, Nina did not bother to judge Carrie for a relationship that was flawed from both sides.

Kristin Davis as Charlotte York and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City'
Charlotte York and Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ | Tom Kingston / WireImage

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Nina’s “face” was a clear critique of Carrie’s character, when she knew only Aidan’s biased version of events. While many fans accept Aidan, there are reasons to believe that she was just as poisonous to Carrie as Carrie was to him. EveryOutfitonSATC has revealed just what Aidan did particularly awfully to someone like Carrie. It was Nina and her penchant for gossiping that made her the main girl of the show, even though she only appeared in one show.

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