‘Scrubs’ Star Donald Faison Has Been in Way More Movies Than Even His Biggest Fans May Think

Scrubs Star Donald Faison is best known for playing the role of Dr. Christopher Turk for nine seasons on ABC medical comedy. The show still has a loyal fanbase ten years after it went off the air. Earlier this year, Faison and his party did Scrubs Co-star Zach Braff (Dr. John Dorian) launched a podcast that became a hit at quarantine. But Faison has had a career outside Scrubs. In fact, there have been more movies going on than you might think.

Scrubs Donald Faison Zach Braff

Donald Faison and Zach Braff host the famous podcast ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’

Faison and Braff’s Scrubsthe characters were best friends on screen. While filming the sitcom, the two actors became best friends in real life. Over the years the besties have delighted fans with their social media content.

But when Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey launched theirs Office ladies podcast, he commented for Faison and Braff. Fischer and Kinsey watch old programs of The Office sharing behind-the-scenes stories. This prompted Faison and Braff to launch Fake doctors, real friends.

Mar E! News points out, the Faison and Braff podcast has grown as much as a review of old Scrubs episodes. Instead of being “as orderly” as Fischer and Kinsey, Braff says they are “just going anywhere we want.” ”

“Sometimes we talk about the bigger program, sometimes we barely do it,” Braff explained. “As it grows in popularity, we were just like, ‘Well, let’s not fix anything that isn’t broken. ‘”

Braff and Faison decided to keep doing what people were responding to. That’s basically the two friends and their representatives Joelle Monique and Dan Goodman “sitting around burning the sh * t. ”

The ‘Scrubs’ stars say their podcast is popular because of the pandemic

Faison and Braff started their podcast in March, just when the pandemic struck and people began quarantining. First, they considered delaying their podcast plans. However, they decided to move forward with it as a demonstration of support for health care workers on the front lines.

Braff thinks the podcast was so popular because people are “very remote right now.” He said it was “a silly little club, and it’s free. “When the friends took a break recently and didn’t put on a program for a week, it didn’t sit well with fans. They kept asking what they should do without Faison and Braff for a whole week.

“That felt good, you know what I mean?” Faison said. “It wasn’t just a few people. Many people were like, ‘What am I doing today? ‘And unfortunately, that made me feel good. ”

Faison explained that fans telling them their weekly break was throwing a “monkey wrench” into their plans “as one of the biggest flat types. However, he was a little worried too and Faison wondered if the breakup was a mistake.

Donald Faison has been in a huge number of films

For many fans, it was the first time they saw Faison when he played the part of Murray in 1995 Clueless. He also reiterated the role of the Clueless Run TV series for four seasons. However, that was not his first acting credit.

Faison had its first role in 1992 Zoo, also appeared with Wesley Snipes in 1993 The sugar hill. Other films on the resumption of Faison include Waiting to exhale, you can’t wait hard, big fat liar, Uptown girls, and Pitch Perfect.

2000 is the biggest movie title on Faison’s reboot Remember the Titans, where he played Petey Jones. In September 2020 – the 20th anniversary of the film’s release – the team recalled some of their favorite memories from the film. according to ESPN, Faison remembered being excited to work with Denzel Washington.

“I was excited. I couldn’t believe it. I remember running into Stacey Dash (his Clueless co-star) at a party at the Skybar and she says, “Yo, will you do that Denzel Washington movie?” I was like, “Yep.” She was like, “You motherf *** er.” I was like, “Yeahhh,” Faison said.

Cheating doctors, real friends available on all major podcast platforms. The nine seasons of Scrubs available for streaming on Hulu.

Finally, Faison has made it clear that it wants more Instagram followers, so go follow the guy.

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