‘Scrubs’: Does Dr. Cox’s Real Name Explain Why He Always Makes Fun of J.D.?

In a popular TV show like Scrubs that’s filled with a number of memorable characters, few of whom are more memorable than Dr. C. Cox’s John C. McGinley.

Cox was brash, micro-spirited, opinionated, depressed and especially funny. One of his biggest targets was JD Zach Braff. One of the most popular recycling pieces at the show was to insist that Dr. Cox wanted JD to have a wide selection of names outside of his own.

Having learned Cox’s real name, however, this may make perfect sense.

Scrubs and audience building

Scrubs on the air for nearly a decade. During that time, it grew into one of the most progressive television shows thanks to its willingness to both go in a strange direction while maintaining a heartfelt interior view. medical world.

However, for a display like this to work, it required several characters who could properly balance this mix between comedy and drama.

With so many characters, the show was, at heart, about JD Zach Braff. JD was a young medical intern who wanted to make a name for himself in the medical field while also forging new relationships with his colleagues.

These relationships with colleague Elliot Reed, surgeon Turk, Janitor aptly named, head of Turk Medicine, and a diverse team of other figures made the show mature for new content.

However, at the heart of the show was a story about JD trying to give his advisor, Dr Cox, a good idea.

‘Scrubs’: Dr. Cox and JD

SCRUBS - "My Worst Enemy"
SCRUBS – “My Worst Enemy” Scott Garfield / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Like most young professionals in any field, JD outside to influence the older generation. While he may be a goofy medical intern, even a child, he has been shown time and time again to take his career seriously and reach for the stars. Despite this hard work and the dedication it gave him to his career, however, he has a hard time getting through to Dr. Cox.

Cox takes anyone his way. If JD does something good, it seems that Cox is finding something wrong to criticize or support him in ways that mean he is just doing his job. One of Cox’s favorite ways to harass JD is by calling him female names. Cox rarely acknowledges JD’s real name, instead mentioning dozens of different names throughout the show.

Nonetheless, their relationship is one of the main focuses of the show. Cox doesn’t like to promote JD, but in a connection, he shows respect for the length of time JD goes as the best doctor he can be. Despite his miniaturized digging, Cox is shown to have a secret heart of gold and will stop at nothing to do what is best for his patients.

This pits him against other characters but makes him a perfect mentor for JD. Despite his popularity, however, Cox rarely acknowledges his humanity. However, with a little digging, one might see why he seems to be aiming for JD ‘s name.

It’s all in a name

according to Rant Screen, JD stands for John Dorian. This is not a weird name with metric /. Perhaps as something of a meta-comedy, John is also the name of John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Cox. JD is a fun, playful goofball with a golden heart, but Cox doesn’t seem to stand for anything he does. Although rarely the center of attention, Cox ‘s real name may explain why he mocks someone with a relatively ordinary name.

Dr. Cox Percival’s full name is Ulysses Cox. However, not many people are ever brave enough to call that. While this has never been put ahead of the show, fans of the series have noticed that such a weird name could be an insult to those who can’t connect. Cox doesn’t ask anyone to call his name, and he doubles this by refusing to call JD by his own name.

This type of logic mitigation helps with positioning Scrubs as well as so many other shows. It may not be proven in advance, but such a backstory is correct depending on the type of intelligent storytelling that sets it apart. Scrubs as well as other performances. Dr. Cox is a complex man who is often difficult to identify – so looking at a name might reveal a bit of origin to one of his most memorable quilts.

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