Robyn Dixon May Be Gone for ‘RHOP’ Season 6, Per Report

There was a lot going on during Potomac real housewives season 5 reunion part 3 regarding Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett fights. And even among these, Robyn Dixon gave one of the most memorable moments of the third part when she said “I’m so glad Juan Dixon isn’t here right now.”

But for Potomac real housewives season 6, a lot of rumors are circulating and they point to the lead that Dixon may not be back for this year.

Robyn Dixon
Robyn Dixon | Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A new report says Robyn Dixon may not be returning to the ceremony

Team members Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Karen Huger and Wendy Osefo have apparently been awarded contracts to return to the event. Monique Samuels also got one but decided not to come back to the show after seeing how she was shown in the third part and the reunion. With Samuels not coming back, it looks like a throwaway shock has started and Dixon could be a casualty.

As reported by Realtiy Blurb, am podcast Behind Velvet rope with David Yontef, famous for interviews with several of the Housewives personalities, has prevented Dixon from returning. The podcast on Instagram said it appears Dixon did not get a contract to come back.

Once a fan commented and said they enjoyed the podcast interview with Osefo, the podcast’s Instagram account replied, “LOL! I enjoyed talking to Wendy as well. I think she will be around for a long time. I think Gizelle is without it [Robyn] it will be so interesting too. Glad Wendy enjoyed your conversation. ”

When asked for clarification, the Behind a Velvet rope A statement said, “Well that’s what our sources say BUT we’re still trying to prove – I’m not sure it’s 100 [percent] proven – but I think it’s 99 percent proven. Like that Gizelle Robyn – suddenly we’re interested in what seems to be based on how the reunion ended. This is a good throwing decision. “

Now, the census has made it clear that they are “completely insecure” and cannot confirm it yet. “We’re working on more time trying to see if this is true but the rumor is that Robyn didn’t get a contract but we haven’t been able to confirm that yet with our in-house sources … We trying to see if this is true – Our GUT says yes but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. ”

Robyn Dixon has been making cryptic-like posts on Instagram

Adding fuel to the rumor flames, Dixon has been posting on Instagram. She made one post as a tribute to the end of the season, and many fans pointed out how her kind of caption resembles a “blessing” message.

“Personally, it has been an honor and a blessing to share my life with you all.” she wrote to some extent. “Thank you [sic] everyone who has rooted and prayed for me, thanks for supporting me, thanks for showing love and support, thanks for being kind, thank you for the times enjoy my goofy, and thanks for supporting my business !!! ”

She was also recently reference to Wendy Osefo ‘s Christmas painting with similar feelings and verbiage, “Wendy, it was a pleasure to get to know you! We hit it from the beginning. I look forward to getting to know you better and spending more time with your beautiful family. ”

There is no official confirmation yet as to whether Dixon will stay on the show, leave, or perhaps be a “friend” to the housewives instead. The season hasn’t even started filming yet, so it’s still early days and a lot of things could change over the next few weeks and months.

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