‘RHOSLC’: Meredith Marks Gives an Update on Marriage in Recent Instagram Post

The real housewives in Salt Lake City The star Meredith Marks and her husband were separated at the start of season 1. Even though they appeared to have reconciled during episode 8, Marks revealed that the two had officially recovered along with a post. Instagram December 2020.

'Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen' - Episode 17200 - Captured by this image: Meredith Marks
‘Watch what’ s happening live with Andy Cohen ‘- Episode 17200 – In this picture:’ Meredith ‘s tokens | Bravo

Meredith Marks’ parting tour recorded on ‘RHOSLC’

At the beginning RHOSLC, famous jewelry designer Meredith Marks surprised her friend Lisa Barlow, and the audience, when she revealed that she and her nearly 30-year-old husband, Seth, had parted ways in an emotional scene.

She explained that although the two, who have three adult children together, had taken time off from each other, they were still dating. Because of his work, Seth moved to Ohio but returned to the city to visit his family.

She also noted the two were “deeply bandaged” while spending time in quarantine during the pandemic together.

In addition to the interview, the couple announced the arrangement in a series of Instagram photos taken at a beach. He called it a sign, “The sun always shines on the other side of the storm.”

Rose commented on the news in a Twitter post, explaining that she only asked questions because of “inconsistent” information and that she is “happy” for the couple. The real housewives in Salt Lake City Wednesday at 10/9 Central on Bravo.

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