‘RHOSLC’: Jen Shah Slams Whitney Rose for ‘Always Talking’ About Other Housewives’ Marriages

The real housewives in Salt Lake City Cast member Jen Shah told Whitney Rose that Meredith Marks, who was separated from her husband at the time, began to see others romantically. Wanting to find out the truth, Rose started asking questions during a ski trip. In addition, the owner of the skin care line noted in a tweet that Shah seemed to be working differently when her husband went with her. Shah responded to Rose’s comment on her Instagram Story shortly thereafter.

'Watch what happens with Andy Cohen live' - Episode 17205 - Captured by this image: Jen Shah
‘Watch what’ s happening live with Andy Cohen ‘- Episode 17205 – Capture this image: Jen Shah | Bravo

Whitney Rose asked about Meredith Marks possibly dating someone

During the first season of RHOSLC, renowned jewelery designer Meredith Marks revealed that she and her husband of more than 25 years, Seth, decided to divorce.

Speaking to tequila brand owner Lisa Barlow, Marks said the two were still working on their issues and getting back together. However, her husband said she was talking to other people when the two went out for dinner.

Some fans agreed with Shah and thought Rose was too lenient at times. However, many agreed and pointed out that the CEO of the marketing company was the first to spread information about brands according to a report going back to someone else.

The team will be filming the reunion next week. RHOSLC Wednesday at 10/9 Central on Bravo.

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