‘RHOP’: Report Alleges Charisse Jackson-Jordan Is Begging To Return To the Show and Will Expose the Cast To Do So

By Monique Samuels without return to RHOP for season 6, many are asking who will replace him. Charisse Jackson Jordan seems to be looking back but reps are having a hard time seeing how Jackson Jordan intervenes. As a result, Jackson Jordan is said to be willing to reveal the secrets of her co-stars to secure her place in the show.

Charisse Jackson Jordan and Robyn Dixon
Charisse Jackson Jordan and Robyn Dixon Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Charisse Jackson Jordan’s time retelling on ‘RHOP’

Jackson Jordan started appearing on it RHOP in the start season of the show. At the time, she was married to a former NBA star who turned college basketball coach Eddie Jordan. Jackson Jordaan was famous in Potomac circles for her work with the NBA Wive Association – as well as participating in local charities.

Throughout her first two seasons, Jackson Jordan struggled with the lethal state of her marriage. Despite retiring from Eddie, he coached in a different state where he chose to stay full-time.

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Except to appear on a program in celebration of their daughter’s 16th birthday, Eddie did not appear on the show. Jackson Jordan revealed that Eddie was upset with her for participating in the show.

Jackson Jordan ‘s season 2 continued to come to terms with her marriage coming to an end when Eddie filed for divorce.

As Charisse Jackson fell Jordan and Monique Samuels

Samuels was introduced to the group as a close friend of Jackson Jordan. Samuels viewed Jackson Jordan as a big sister and gave her credit for helping her contribute to Potomac’s social outlook.

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Jackson Jordan was initially a source of support for Samuels, especially when other Samuels co-stars started joking with her. Unfortunately, Jackson Jordan started accusing Samuels of using her to socialize and not giving her credit.

Jackson Jordan accused Samuels of being a “social climber.” Per Jackson Jordan, Samuels used her connections for various events without giving her heads. Jackson Jordan faced Samuels and made peace but before the reunion of season 3, the friendship was over.

Before season 4, Jackson Jordan was no longer part of the team, announcing that the focus must be on her personal life and divorce from Eddie.

Monique Samuels accuses Charissa Jackson Jordan of trying to use her to get back on the show; report confirming Samuels claim

Despite not appearing further on the show, Samuels says the drama between her and Jackson Jordan has not stopped. According to Samuels, Jackson helped Jordan “enable bad rumors” about herself and her family.

Samuels accuses Jackson Jordan of spreading rumors about her relationship with the shootout. She also alleges that Jackson Jordan began questioning the father of her youngest child. Per Samuels, Jackson Jordan tried to use the rumors as a ploy to get back on the show.

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All about tea reports that Samuels’ allegations about Jackson Jordan are correct. In a new video, Monique of All About The Tea pleads for all interiors, “Charisse begs the producers to bring it back. She wants to be back on the show diligently and is willing to express all of those members. ”

Jackson Jordan appeared on the show in season 5 but was not set up with a microphone – and reportedly did so for free. The report claims that producers will not be sold when Jackson Jordan returns, stating that she no longer lives in Potomac and has no money to pay for her previous lifestyle.

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