‘RHOP’ Producers Weigh in on Karen Huger’s Drama With Her Co-Stars: ‘They Need To Be Fluent in Karen Huger’

Karen Huger makes it clear that none of it exists RHOP constables “bully him” to choose a side in the fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. With Huger ‘s desire to be neutral, it has caused more divisions between her and her constellations. But RHOP representatives say the other women don’t make a proper effort to understand Huger’s communication style.

Karen Huger and Andy Cohen
Karen Huger, Andy Cohen | Heidi Gutman / Bravo

The explosion explodes Karen Huger for being neutral; allege Huger tried to persuade the women to settle

From the outset, Huger refused to take sides in the fight between Dillard and Samuels. She made it clear that she did not agree that Samuels should have been physically assaulted by Dillard. However, Huger also blamed Dillard for adding to the fight with her harsh words.

Dillard – or her co-stars Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, or Wendy Osefo – were happy about Huger’s situation. Things became even more controversial between Huger and her compatriots.

Huger invited the women to a party to showcase her new wig collection. She insisted Samuels would not be present without considering the team’s feelings.

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But Samuels contacted Ashley Darby in another way. Samuels was present at the event, but came before the rest of the women. According to both Samuels and Huger, the plan was for Samuels to arrive and leave early so that she would not run into the other members of the team.

Huger ‘s explanation was not good enough, as Dillard insisted that Huger ask her to come early as well. This left Dillard and the team to believe that Huger deliberately asked Samuels and Dillard to arrive early at the same time.

RHOP representatives say Karen Huger does not always communicate clearly and is not understood by her constellations

Huger is known for interpreting herself in a way that her constellations feel is emptying her to account or apologize. Even Andy Cohen was against Huger during the season 5 reunion for “talking in circles” and not giving clear answers.

RHOP producers share Cohen-like feelings and admit that they are sometimes difficult to understand Huger. Especially in the case of Huger’s wig party, they don’t believe Huger was honest about her intentions from the beginning.

“If she had just explained her situation earlier, she would not have made that big deal Robyn [Dixon]binding party, ”Kemar Bassaragh explained in RHOP After Show, above. “I feel like that is something Karen has to deal with outside, like telling everyone how she’s feeling.”

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Josh Brown, Vice President of Bravo Conventional Production, agrees with Bassaragh. He says that Huger ‘s dealings with her predators boil down to their understanding of Huger’ s language and “reading between the lines. ”

“I also feel like some of the other women need to be better at being fluent in Karen Huger, because I think Karen, when she says things, takes pass some signs in the way she says it or in the words she chooses where you have to read between the lines, ”said Brown.

He continued: “Even when we’re talking away from the camera or I’ve heard her talking to Kemar or one of the other producers in parts of the year when they’re not filming, it’s just about other random things, if you read between the lines on Karen, she says a lot; she just doesn’t say it, and I think sometimes the women may have to build on that and read the tea leaves a little better. ”

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